Garci aims for the fan

The scuttlebutt was a long time coming, see my entries for July 3, then July 6, and August 31, in which the opposition began to brace for what finally came true today: some of its leading figures implicated in calling Virgilio Garcillano.

With the closing of the SEA Games this afternoon, the political games have increased in intensity. In Garcillano names solons he spoke with during 2004 polls, reports,

From his protective enclave, Garcillano identified the opposition lawmakers he said he spoke with during the polls as House Minority Floor Leader Francis Escudero, Deputy Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, Parañaque Representative Roilo Golez, and Cebu Representative Clavel Martinez.

He also named pro-administration Representatives Benasing Macarambon of Lanao del Sur, Ricky Sandoval of Navotas-Malabon, Danilo Suarez and Rafael Nantes of Quezon province.

The lawyer said to expect 20 to 30 more names, including senators and other officials. At the same time, Palace confident Garcillano will clear Arroyo’s name, also reports.

As I said on July 3, The administration gamble would be: fine, play the tapes, we’ll play ours, we’ll all sink together but you will sink more. Consensus among observers seems to be it will help the administration, but some of us think there’s a delicious chance here for a more far-reaching consequence to this scandal. Personally, I believe this will not help the President as much as her people might like, but will harm the Estrada camp, which can only be good in the long run. Check-mating the Estrada camp may just improve the prospects of the middle class and business finally taking a stand.

The question, of course, is which side of the mainstream opposition is harmed most -former President Estrada’s or Senator Panfilo Lacson’s. And seeing that, it leaves everyone else having to decide which of the two to ally with. The CPP-NPA-NDF have spoken rather glowingly of the Estradas recently; Bro. Eddie Villanueva, it seems, has cast his lot with Senator Lacson. The “middle forces” remain on the sidelines, but, could it be, as Ellen Tordesillas suggests, there is a convergence towards the extra-constitutional finally taking place?

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

7 thoughts on “Garci aims for the fan

  1. The coming days are worth watching……

    If the upper and lower has different sets of witnesses who are all surprises to avoid kuryente and harang

    Before the weekend comes expect our nation to be rocked…

  2. It seems Garcillano is always under the watchful eyes of Malacanan. Why is he in a PNP camp? Why was he “handed” over to the PNP by his handlers in Mindanao ? Protection? For whom?

  3. Why would we still opt for the extra-constitutional when Garci’s appearance presents us with a better opportunity for finding the elusive TRUTH we have all been screaming about? It seems contradictory…

    Here he is, what truth do we want? His truth, Gloria’s truth, the opposition’s truth or our own personal truths? Yang “truth” na yan na sinisigaw natin noon – a lot of us already formed our own truths from the get go. No matter what Garci says now will not be believed. That’s the truth and its both depressing and ridiculous.

    Sometimes, we simply cannot handle the truth…so we make tampururot.

  4. I read a past blog of Ms. Ellen (or whomever) that soldiers are trained to fight not to govern…..

    I say that as far as the PMA is concerned they attempt to produce well rounded individuals by putting a combination of liberal arts,political and management sciences and some go to graduate school…..

    As far as their training they are trained for any battle …..Have you not heard that the corporate world is adapting the Art of War and Corporate Combat…

    Nothing further…..

  5. I’ve been cut off the page…

    What im not good enough? I dont know whats up but try this guys.. Try the site with different browsers.. You may find your comments being removed from normal consumption..

    What was wrong with my posts yesterday???

  6. Yep thanks Mlq3 …

    Can you look into the email address thing it does not concern me as i use a dummy email accounts for blogs. But i think others are using their real email addresses and in you login screen it states the email address will not be published…

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