Belated post-Palawan roundup

Well, well, well. Merceditas Gutierrez, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, is named Ombudsman.

In the punditocracy, my Arab News column for this week is Lessons From Garcillano: Arroyo Was Too Hands On.

Ellen Tordesillas tackles the holes in Garcillano’s arguments, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial exclaims, Hello!? And in Cocktails, the skinny on why missprinted 100 peso bills appeared (great reading for banknote collectors; a friend told me the missprinted 100 peso bills currently sell for 400 pesos). The Business Mirror, which at last has a website up, has Luis Teodoro playing a scarlet Ebenezer Scrooge.

In the blogosphere, let’s start with All Thing Garci: Philippine Commentary asks, what if the “Mother of All Tapes” is in digital format? The public thing compares the situation to the story of the blind men and the elephant. JJ Disini echoes Edwin Lacierda about how the anti-wiretapping law might be inapplicable to the Garci case. The Unlawyer focuses on divisions within the Palace on how to handle Garci. Heckler at Large suggests 10 reasons we should be grateful to Garci.

RG Cruz covers the 2nd confrontation between lawyers for and against the Americans.

Hillblogger reproduces a letter by David Martinez, apologizing on behalf of the Baby Boomer generation for screwing up the country.

Eating the Sun announces that (Hoorah!) Butch Dalisay, noted author, now blogs.

Rasheed’s World bewails the aging of Jay Manolo more than the moralism of one of his movies.

Normblog points to how the Iranian government is is losing in its war against dissident blogs.  BatesLine links to a website focusing on famous resignations. Via Andrew Sullivan, a link to an essay by Charles Krauthammer, on The Truth about Torture (remember the famous NeoCon question: if you knew a major act of terrorism was going to be committed, and had a suspect in hand who might reveal information that could stop it, would you use torture?).

Badger Blog Alliance muses about ranking algorhythms (thanks for using my blog as an example: having painfully crawled out of the primordial ooze and made it to Adorable Rodent, I’m back to being a Crawly Amphibian in The Truth Laid Bear rankings). pu-pu platter named as book of the month a title that might make interesting reading for Dean Jorge Bocobo. And the winners of the 8th Annual Philippine Web Awards.

To Dream For Department: A Mac mini for the living room.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

18 thoughts on “Belated post-Palawan roundup

  1. somehow, when i was reading david martinez’s letter i felt it was less about being sorry and more of being self-indulgent.

  2. Welcome Home PALAWANDERER!

    I was knocking on Butch Dalisay’s door
    But there’s no comment thread.
    Now I think that is what makes bloggers different than the main stream media — blogging is meant to be two way communication, where the author and audience merge and every post is really the product of constructive AGON.

  3. MLQ3: I would like to invite all serious bloggers like PUPU PLATTER to bring recipes for a future world to the Globalization RoundTable at Zenpundit. Serious academic and blogospheric discussions. Interesting post for Maoists from RJ Rummel, University of Hawaii Professor Emeritus and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, presents corrected estimates of the DEMOCIDE (genocide and mass murder) committed under Mao’s regime: 77,000,000 dead. Millions more than Stalin and Hitler. Estimate excludes deaths from the Great Famine into which there was a Great Leap Forward once.

  4. Yes I saw those misprinted “Arrovo” 100-peso bills for sale at the Tiendesitas for the same price your friend mentioned.

    Welcome back!

  5. Yes I saw those misprinted Arrovo 100-peso bills for sale at the Tiendesitas for the same price your friend mentioned.

    Welcome back!

  6. Digital format….

    What if VOIP technology was used

    IP addresses are unique per hardware

    In the office LAN setup I use to put the same IP addresses to 3 computers as long as they are not turned on at thesame time the network management software did not detect the conflict(that was then u cant do that anymore)

    What if the computer is assembled and disposed of after use

    How can even the FBI trace that, that is easy with branded computers were its supply chain can be traced

    what if you assemble ten computers and dispose it after every use hiow can you do an after the fact tracing you can only catch them in the act….

    Hope this is clear enough I was talking about using VOIP together with file transfer via bit torrent……or any how
    on the Garci tape using disposable computers…..

  7. Krauthammer argues for allowing legal exceptions to torture when applied to (1) the ‘ticking time bomb scenario’ and (2) to extract information from known supervillians with useful information. If such a law is put to effect, my guess is that its implementors will find that every other situation they encounter will fall under one of the two above categories.

  8. re: david martinez’s apology

    no need for them to worry. spitting on their graves is not even worth the effort.

  9. Read Hillblogger

    as if like this

    You have no rights on collecting debts from me

    Others have even bigger debts…start with them first…then come back to me…

    People are thinking that if this certain Taipan (case only starting to sink in to me)
    does not pay taxes because he has done a lot for the economy running an airline,hotels and the lone bastion against the beer giant

    then the taxman has no right knocking on my door….

    then there is this reason di ba me vat di nagbabayad kami ng buwis……

    PS what did the Iloilo congressman say as to the translation of ROVO or AROVO what and a what?

    Why do we have to print legal tender in Europe….

    which reminds me of the hypnotising articles from the Philstar about a contributor accused of destroying Aurora and the Nuevas because of his Eastern Luzon Corridor dream…

    he said print enough money then the gov can guarantee it thru a kind of Bond then use it to pump prime the economy by building infra….for that we don’t have to borrow abroad?

    I don’t know but why has no nobody even consider it?

    Why is it because of the low inflation national policy?

    Low inflation:

    for this we must allow smuggling,dumping of foreign goods,agri products,underground economy etc…just to lower inflation
    never mind GDP,never mind interest rates as long as there is low inflation….

    2 economists gave separate opinions one low dollar bad on the other hand low dollar good……..classic example of the Two handed economy

  10. Since we are on Palawan….
    I mentioned that the eastern luzon corridor got killed by mother nature…..

    I heard that MayoR Hagedorn will never allow the trade off of infrastructure vis a vis environment

    talk about Sophie’s choice (who is Sophie?)
    or the devil and the deep blu sea or plain and simple ethical dilemma…

    What if every environment natural resource rich province follow the same tact

    we would remain the tourist destination with no conveyance

    good only for the Amacing race and extra challenge

  11. When will our concerned socially responsible citizens accept

    that sustainable development is part of social reponsibility

    with every projectr being a threat to the environment the

    only thing we sustain

    are athe activist proenvironment kuno loveforthecountry kuno rallies and strong lobby group for development bills

    expect the biofuel bill to be killed,expect any move to scrap land reform bill to be killed,expect more major infra project killed,expect agribusiness bills to be killed

    just becasue of a strong lobby

    As I said thioese rallying infront of the US embassy might want to go inside and apply for a us visa
    and go to DC and rally till kingdom come!

  12. I see that the Black and white movement are running out of money so are now putting deadlines on the vice president..

    Can only be because they have lost support from others that they must try to bring down another..

    Dinky made the call.. I gather she has not made enough enemies by attacking the president and leaving her people to fend for themselves now she has to attack Noli who has never done anything against here except not joining her band of merry men..

    Funny how some times when you step into an abyss that one can no longer see the light…

    Anyone trust her enough to place their back to her… STAB STAB..

    I really dont think she will ever be trusted by anyone, now since Noli was her knight in shinning armour.. Visted him in HK to get his backing when they resigned..

    Shallow people will live shallow lives…

    Not even the opposition members have made so many enemies, Many of them could leave politics today and get a job in the Main street, Whereas she is forcing people to exclude her….

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