Google it, just a little bit

I’m off to Puerto Princesa City to speak in a forum. Will be be back tomorrow.

From Slate comes The Great Google Wipeout: Chronicle of a corporate death foretold.

From Presto Vivace: a link to peering into Google’s future.

From BuzzMachine: Borgle (something to do with Google Base). What’s Google Base? The New Web explains (so does and points to the growth in the company, not to mention how Google’s trying to establish free WiFi  for the planet.

Citizen on Mars ponders Googlebombing.

Yuga is the guy to turn to with everything Google-income (read: AdSense) related, such as his updates on how AdSense allows advertisers to bid for advertising on your blog and Google’s click-to-call.

From remembering rebecca: a link to A non-controversial alternative to Google Print.

From Filipino Librarian: How Google PageRank works.

Google Book Search. Google Scholar (academic search). Google Earth.

Oh, and this isn’t Google-related, but click here to see how Silktide rates this blog.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

14 thoughts on “Google it, just a little bit

  1. Since googling helped me the last few days from finding about a relative whom I accused of stalking(major disadvantage of pseudonyms)

    and using it to call the dare of a batangas scion

    (was not surprised of results)on who could have done it to her..

    and my very superficial kababawan ng kaligayahan of trying to google my name hitch hiking it with prominent bloggers

  2. Wow. Thanks for linking to me, MLQ 🙂 And I hope you enjoyed your stay in my hometown 🙂

    Back to the topic, Google has been very tremendous with its growth and success. For me, they revived the internet and presented more possibilities for the web. (That’s why I wanted to work for them >.

  3. (Posting continuation: Error with previous submission)

    why I wanted to work for them) I never thought they’ll go beyond being a search engine 🙂 Before, I just hoped that they won’t fold or something but now, I hope that they’ll be able to continue providing quality service while trying to maintain a good income. I just keep looking forward to their new products and services and how they affect the web (remember Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail?)

  4. To correct a de brux. (Just a google away..)
    Which country has the longest coastline?
    Canada’s coastline is the world’s longest at 243,792 km or 151,485 miles (including the coastline of the country’s 52,455 islands.)

    Yes Karl was incorrect but America is not the longest..

    Also note how many islands Canada has..

    Canada, the worlds second largest country after Russia.

    Garci back what happens if he says it is an illegal wiretap then all the politicians will not be allowed to run in the next election as they have a copy of the tape and have listened to it?

    He only has to admit to talking to his wife on the tape and his wife can destroy all their careers.. Can never be claimed to be of national interest…

    Worried yes they could be, Lacson and his boys must really be shaking… No way he can claim imunity as he was seen in a hotel on TV handing out copies of the CD..

  5. On Bonifacio Day : Let us remember our unity after this Blog comment of Gweilung

    7. Gweilung wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 3:32 am
    Can you look at my 360 blog and comment on my article about the Philippines?
    thank you
    10. karl wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 6:03 am
    You know they did that in the early 90s and installed that woman – Aquino – and she was just a dummy. Anytime they revolt, they just elect more of the same. They just never learn. The Philippines is a hopeless country. They had 1000 chances to get up and be a serious player and squandered all of them. It’s just useless and hopeless.
    don’t worry the next generation is just more or less 20 years away…..

    11. Karl wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 6:12 am
    Don’t know with you Gweilung but with people like DJB
    and his views even when erased will be cached by google and so goes for the rest of the blogs
    The next generation can decide from themselves what went wrong and do something finally!
    ps we also have commenters like carl
    o what a google cache he would be….
    17. DJB wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 9:06 am
    A word to Commenters ::: the global spider-crawlers like Google apparently do not make a distinction between “posts” and “comments” — they all become part of single webpage “post+comments” that get scanned and cached together. So if you post comments here, you are blogging for free with MLQ3 doing most of the work. All you do is EMOTE and RANT or COMMENT. So always thank the host: Muchos Gracias Primo! or my preference:: NO BLOG IS AN ISLAND!
    18. Carl wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 9:07 am
    DJB., I think if one turns his mindset 180°, has a drink, relaxes, and prepares himself for gross humor and satire, one may appreciate Gweilung’s outlandish efforts at farce. It’s a bizarre attempt at a joke, isn’t it? Welcome to the zoo!

    19. DJB wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 9:10 am
    Be aware that your comments are FOREVER because the Global Mind is now more than biological material, it is silicon logic too and it never forgets. Just ask Jonathan Tiongco! So you may think you are addressing just the few who come here, but you would be wrong. Most of who will read what you say, (if you say something worth remembering) have not yet been born!

  6. Sleeping and A de Brux lets go back to basics:

    Geographic Configuration of the Philippines
    o Over 7,100 islands
    o 300,000 km2 of which
    o 298,170 km2 of land: 1,830 km2 of inland water
    o 36,289 km of coastline
    o 679,800 km2 of Territorial Sea(up to 12 nm)
    o 2.2 million km2 of Exclusive Economic Zone(up to 200 nm)
    o 244500 km2 of Continental shelf(up to 200 m depth)
    o 62 of 79 provinces(78%),832 of 1496 municipalities(56%) are coastal
    o Certain areas and maritime boundaries remain disputed

  7. Your honors ,Sir: I have my reasons to say it is still the Philippines but after the info of sleeping I submit to the wisdom of your honors….

  8. Semantics….

    I just sad we have the longest coastlines
    I just forgot the phrase one of before the article the

    then I would not have heard of the coastlines of Canada and America

    I submit to the wisdom of your honors Sirs

  9. google is great. unfortunately, it didnt leave them safe from accusations of bias, ie, in favoring certain sites.


  10. Hi MLQ3. Thanks for featuring me in the post. It’s a great honor. Google is just bamboozling the networld with a marketing strategy that is unmatched and unprecedented in its ferocity and aggresiveness. And I guess, their being so good on this. Maybe it’s the new way of doing business…without let-up.

  11. AdSense (and similar) are great. I think it provides a blogger with advertising but allows the blogger (or advertising medium person) to retain complete editorial control.

    I have a site ( that gets great google ads and I am experiencing a pretty good click rate. However, in the end the advertisers probably do not know about my site so if I want to write about an entity that shows up on the Google Ads I don’t have to be concerned about offending an advertiser.

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