Believe it or not

From a friend: “I love it! Miriam Defensor Santiago as Chief Justice. Prospero Pichay as Speaker of the House. Merceditas Gutierrez as Ombudsman. Rick Abcede in the PCGG. The only thing lacking is the Senate!”

My response? Lito Lapid as Senate President.

Say goodnight, Garci, I mean, Gracie.

Goodnight, Gracie.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

19 thoughts on “Believe it or not

  1. Looks like I am dealing with a professional writer here….
    take a lokk at the copy paste I make….

    Then you’ve got Mark Jimenez, Jalosjos, Chavit Singson, et al.
    “Boy, oh boy! What a loony place you are in Mr Paredes.” – Anna de Brux
    * * *
    Yeah, Anna! It certainly beats the boring politics of the Netherlands, is it, where you are writing from. The saddest part of all this is that we might even be looking at a Senator Virgilio Garcillano. It could happen.
    14. karl wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 6:22 pm
    maybe in 2007 we would elect Garci for senator…
    crazier things have happened
    15. a de brux wrote on November 23rd, 2005 at 6:45 pm
    Ever the wise you are and funny to boot!
    I believe you! Gloria might just field Garci as candidate for senator for the next election.
    If Max Soliven is to be believed, Garci did a “garci” (manipulating election results) way back when he was a candidate for president of a student council.
    Well, now that Garci has become cause celebre, basking in notorious glory (almost typed gloria there), he’s become more ‘eligible’ (by Philippine standards) than many to run for Congress. And I don’t doubt for an instant that if he does, he will win (win or lose, he’ll win – he will do a garci on his own election returns.)
    Come to think of it, when a high-level official or a media ‘darling’ is accused of coddling criminals or committing a crime, it seems Filipino voters fall in love with him/her and elect him/her to the legislature or to some executive position somewhere. Just look at Arroyo kin Iggy Jose Pidal Arroyo! Then you’ve got Mark “I shall return” Jimenez, Jalosjos, Chavit Singson, et al.
    Boy, oh boy! What a loony place you are in Karl. Tell your Dad I said so. I’m sure he’s aware of that because this sort of thing hasn’t escaped the military establishment; there’s been a few people who landed a major service command position in the AFP who, frankly, would have never made it past LtColonel or Commander rank in the British or French Armed Forces (not even in the ‘lowly’ Italian armed forces). Ugh!

  2. 2. karl
    November 16th, 2005 19:44
    since Pithcay says the the senate will never allow them selves to be extinct
    and the Consultative commission is a waste of time
    he may be the next speaker afterall
    with the senate backing him directly or indirectly

    11. karl
    November 22nd, 2005 16:21
    Getting back to topic
    Mukhang Ombudsman Gutierrez na yata eh
    dinagdagan lang ng choices para sumaya ng kaunti at para sabihin na hindi sila inisnab
    again to whomever Just Do It !
    don’t give us the systemic problem eklat
    that’s a very convenient excuse for not solving anything…
    Karl wrote on November 25th, 2005 at 3:41 pm
    What’s this about Miriam as chief justice
    (anything mentioned above?parang wala)
    If they hide the results of the evaluation as I said the backround,reputation,psycho analysis it would no longer be relevant because Miriam is already an open book…
    but Pleaaaaase Miriam?whose worse than chicken little and the boy who cried wolf combined

  3. again to whomever Just Do It !
    don’t give us the systemic problem eklat
    that’s a very convenient excuse for not solving anything…

    Karl Marc Tomas Garcia y Misa
    [email protected]

  4. karl
    November 22nd, 2005 12:59 9sorry to use another life example

    Someone close to me got involved in a medical equipo scam it was a catch all case net all involve then bahala na

    There were a lot of them
    someone close to me got involved by signing 3 checks all because the one he was subbing from went on leave
    will try to be objective….

    what’s on top does not necessarily have to go down

    I am inclined to believe that closeone because he was no 2 at the time while no 1 was doing miracles….

    November 22nd, 2005 16:36 12Sorry to finally burst out my passion on this topic
    nalimutan ko kasi na mayroon nga pal kami ganito problema inaalikabok na kasi sa sandigan eh….

    To the staff of the future ombudsman

    make my day and look at the

    circa 93-94 Navy medical equipment scam

    those respondents wer almost the entire higher ups of the navy

    instead on just focussing on procurement and anything connected with it….

    they made it a catch all case so they could have the excuse of blaming the system

    You would make me a very happy man
    if you could solve this within a year….

    my dad and the others are in the twilight of their lives having this burden haunt bthem only when Sandigan is ready to take on it again…..kaso minsan summon then postpone

    ano ba yan!

  5. If only I am influential enough to launch something

    then i would if i could


    but in this fragmented Philippines of ours

    unity is an oxymoron

  6. Miriam Santiago, maybe a legal genius but her temper is too much for her colleagues in the law profession. She is opinionated to the extreme if provoked. Her backing by equally (un)popular woman president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo only draws reservations of putting a woman into power.

  7. Manolo, have you heard that the woman is about to recant her rape testimony? This is so demeaning to the dignity of all Filipino women. Our women are for sale including new college virgins. What is there to prevent the Arabs, Singaporeans, Japanese and Chinese to rape our Filipina workers abroad?

  8. MLQ3: (off topic) Would you gift me with a GIF of the flag that Aguinaldo showed to the world on June 12, 1898? I am preparing a post to commemorate December 10, 1898. Thanks

  9. MLQ3: imo, the point of dodong is politically correct but callously inhuman. For which is the more evil fate and who has the right to decide?::(1) to be gang-raped (assuming she was), or (2) to be gang-raped AND made the unvirgin sacrifice on the altars of ultranationalism and communist resentment with no chance at justice anyway?

    Pass to Katrina Legarda::Go to the US Military and bring pictures of the alleged victim AND of every Filipino American soldier that died in Iraq AND the book of Gracia and Martin Burnham, In the Presence of Mine Enemies.

  10. MLQ3:Katrina can go to the US Military even if the alleged victim recants, at least for poetic justice. For the US Military IS concerned about the rape, but they should and probably are, more concerned with dereliction of duty by their soldier at a time of war, when bilateral relations are all-important to US strategy. Greater penalties accrue for crimes against American self-interest in such times. Or else Gabriela can go attack the USS Naval Vessel aboard the Rainbow Warrior or something, kidnap the six men and lynch them at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. Take your pick.

  11. MLQ3: I guess I would rather see the six men dishonorably discharged, for that would brand them for life, just as what they did to the alleged victim, will brand her for life. This is the best quantum of poetic justice I can find for everyone. The only one that gets left out of this scenario is the Organized Left and their ultranationalist allies. More’s the fit to Justice’s shoe?

  12. Good Morning Philippines and MLQ3

    Notwithstanding all of the things I retrieved from the blogosphere and theworld wide web

    I still got a 3 hour deep sleep

    I will just reman as the resident dakilang miron and step back and wait and see….

    There is the BWM,etc,etc that has good intentions
    but I rather have a backseat and wait..for tthings may go for the better somehow

    remeber that national interst watchamacolit

    We must first know what we want before mapping anything may that be a roadmap,the nautical highwaymap,the rail map and whatnot

    that is why I still watch sports even if we seem not to get rid of basketball…got to submit it is the national intert as far as sports is concerned….

    point of surrender,submission

    One thing and only one thing can counter this
    and that is Reality
    we must ahve a reality check and learn to accept things

    before judging me Ad Hominem

    God Speed To All Have a nice weekend and enjoy the sea games

  13. PUBLIC SERVICE: This might also happen to you….

    Five minutes ago we just learn that before we can sell our 95 corolla we have to pass to all layers of the bureauracy of the PNP TMG


    during 95 barely 3 months our Toyota suddenly stopped for no apparentb reason

    Toyota refused to claim factory defect
    so they replaced the engine
    every year the TMG always asked for something in return
    although it is nice tht they are thorough
    but what on earth are the projects of Unisys for the past 20 yeras regarding tracing engine numbers and other anti carnapping processes

    Now that we want to sell the car, we are being given a hard time by the PNP …

    Instaed of my dad going to the chief pNP he has bigger fish to fry and dontwant it to bother him

    I said dad so it will no longer be a bother give me the money and I will buy the car back, if thisn is the complication just to sell a second hand vehicle with replaced engine which wasI think a result of factory defect….

    A Friendly reminder..It could also happen to you

    Karl Marc Tomas M. Garcia


  14. Manolo, this is a typical dilemma of having a national interest and pursuit of justice where a crime was committed in Philippine soil by foreigners. As expected and not different from Rizalist DeanJorgeBacobo, Filipinos easily give up when the victim herself easily recanted. Simply, there is no such thing as national pride for Filipinos. It is equally bad for the government position when it cannot assert itself. For those who want to please the Americans after kicking them and their bases, this can be sigh of relief. We love to make jokes on ourselves. I guess I can afford to laugh…haha!

  15. Humor me Jorge, what is the use of intellectual brilliance and discourse if it does not translate to our common good? We fold our hands when we could have hold each other together. We choose to relinquish justice to the Americans when we should trust ourselves that we can do the right job to administer justice (as oppose to mob lynching mentality). What happen to the ideals as such that Bacobo Hall was dedicated in the University of the Philippines? Or like the hall itself empty and deadstill in the middle of the night….

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