A case of two stories

Here are two news articles about the same thing. The first is from the Manila Standard-Today: High court upholds GMA gag order. The second comes from the Sun-Star: High court excludes Arroyo from suit v. gag order. The first story obviously has a lot of spin to it; the second puts the story firmly in its proper context: the Supreme Court simply decided the President is immune from suit, but wants a quick resolution and has asked the other concerned parties to submit their positions on whether it was proper to gag officers who have testified before Congress.

Click this.
It’s hilarious.

The Garci-hunt, as I noted briefly yesterday, had GMA7 reporting an anonymous congressman on its news show, 24 Oras, as saying Garcillano’s in Manila. The GMA7 source is quoted in an article I’d linked to yesterday:
But a lawmaker at the House, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said on Thursday that during that time he was able to speak with Garcillano on the mobile phone of a common friend.

The source said he was positive that Garcillano was in Manila when he spoke to him.

“He sounded so depressed. He was telling me that he’s done nothing wrong,” the source said.

In their brief conversation, the lawmaker said that Garcillano did not ask for any assistance or favor from him.
RG Cruz in his blog says that the latest mutation of the buzz is that Garcillano is in Cagayan de Oro City, but the networks don’t have any confirmation of this. The stage is pretty clearly being set up for something.

The Inquirer editorial, Little brown brother, apparently delves into Edwin Lacierda’s calculations on how long it would take for the rape case against American servicemen would take. Noteworthy here is that it’s possibly one of the first times the blogosphere has had an influence on the editorial content of a newspaper. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that Finger-pointing begins: Who turned over 6 GIs? DFA now seeks custody of US servicemen.

Speaking of servicemen, Gail Ilagan, with whom I don’t always agree but who is quite splendid in the pungency of her punditry, delves into the characters and characteristics of your average G.I.

As I said, as this story evolves, start with the past, in particular this article from 1946, “Filipinos keep out.”

Newsbreak is set to release an absolutely devastating issue this weekend. Three articles, in particular, answer these long-pending questions: who had Garcillano tapped? How did the President’s campaign really work? What was the President’s role in the whole thing? Grab a copy at your nearest newsstand.

Precious picture of the day: This one, on Inq7.net (I can’t reproduce it here, because of copyright restrictions) It’s of the President in Korean academic robes. I thought the caption should’ve quoted a line from Queen Amidala: “Your Honor! I am Queen Amidala. This is my decoy, my protection, my loyal bodyguard. I am sorry for my deception, but under the circumstances, it has become necessary to protect myself. The Trade Federation has destroyed all that we have worked so hard to build. You are in hiding; my people are in camps. I ask you to help us. No, I beg you to help us. We are your humble servants. Out fate..is in your hands.”

Four tidbits of note: Wrongfully deported woman returns to Sydney and Zobel to advertisers: Work for reforms. Then, Free Republic links to an article about allegations of voter fraud in Georgia, USA, requiring voter identification. Sounds like home! Plus, the BBC reports UK revisionist historian David Irving has been arrested in Austria under laws against denying the Holocaust. Irving has long claimed there’s no documentary evidence Hitler ordered the mass liquidation of Jews and has gone on to argue the Holocaust never happened. Bravo for the Austrians, it’s about time.

In the punditocracy, Amando Doronila points out that after limiting most public protests to Metro Manila, by allowing the resumption of logging to Samar, the government has accomplished what the opposition failed to do: start trouble for itself in the provinces. Dan Mariano wonders where the “great debate” over constitutional change has disappeared to. Ellen Tordesillas writes of the nost recent ambassadorial shuffle (interesting tidbit was publisher Max Soliven’s veto over the appointment of fellow journalist Amando Doronila to the Paris post; welcome news is the appointment of Ambassador Jose Zaide, Jr. to Paris: to my mind he is one of our most cultivated and witty ambassadors, and was very sensible during his stint as head of protocol for the home office. Incidentally, Uniffors has an interesting debate going on in its comments section on the question of elderly ambassadors and determining up to which rank diplomats should be career civil servants).

My editor at the Arab News, Rasheed Abou-Alsamh, recounts his impressions on visiting the Philippines (and incidentally announces he’s gone into blogging: his entries on how airline seats seem to be shrinking, and how some Miss World finalists look like transvestites, are quite funny). Incidentally, one of my Arab News columns has been reposted on Al-Jazeerah. Mike Tan makes an eloquent appeal for multilingualism.

The blogosphere has the Washington Note linking to a couple of important articles on China; Buzz Machine with a capsule observation on plunging self-confidence in Germany; and two interesting blog entries on the use of “white phosphorus” firebombs: Where Now is the Citizen on Mars? and locana (a blogger based in Bombay). locana says white phosphorous bombs are “dangerous chemical weapons,” while Citizen on Mars points out they’re being used in Mindanao.

My Favorite “Progressive” Blogger goes great guns in praise of Ninotchka Rosca’s biography of the Red Pope, Jose Maria Sison. May topak objects to the “guidelines on patriotism” recently released by an education official, and with good reason (the objection, I mean).

Adel Gabot blogs about the impending release of a major podcasting effort by Filipinos:

[The podcasts will] premiere in a big Podcast event on November 22, where 25 different Philippine podcasts (including Philmug and m|PH’s, as well as Jessica Zafra’s and many others), and will be available for download internationally starting then. Jessica [Zafra] and I will also be recording the Twisted Radio Show podcast sometime soon so it’ll be one more to put on your iPod.

A site of note, which gave me my first major exposure on the Interweb is Tanikalang Ginto: The Philippines’ most comprehensive and largest human-edited web directory. Online since 1994. Bookmark it.

This should really be in my reviews blog, but I have to say, my favorite show nowadays is Boston Legal. James Spader as a neurotic, egotistical attorney; William Shatner as a lecherous, slightly senile legendary lawyer, Candice Bergen as a ruthless maneouverer: and a supporting cast of conniving, yet essentially decent lawyers. Who could go wrong watching such a cleverly-written show?

Manuel L. Quezon III.

56 thoughts on “A case of two stories

  1. The taken image is actually accessible from this link only not directly.. But is cool..

    There should be another version one saying it was the oposition taking him… You never know he is the one who could have stopped it all day one?..

    I do love that ABS has no mention on the Case against them yet…

    Newsbreak magazine you sure its not full of false statements like the UP episodes.. on the PCIJ site. Does it not come off their presses…

    Why are you against the comment that we should not vote for actors.

    who do not know their work in Congress because they are not educated for the positions of senator, vice president or president

    It did not say that an actor could know there work it said basicly that straight from that to congress or president is not the right step.. Estrada was not just an actor…

    I still dont think he really had it..

    And with the basketball players well if they are from DSLU they have no education as per the faked documents..

    We should be voting for policies not PEOPLE..

    BUT THEN AGAIN WHY TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO THINK.. that would be a waste.. since we can always put them behind a cart to collect basura.. and export them as a manual labour resource.

  2. Boston Legal… was it a spinoff of the last season of the Practice Star TV is a year or two delayed

    It introduces James Spader…..(checking TV.COM have multiple computers….in an internet cafe of a friend)

    Oh it has Billy Shatner Captain Kirk
    (what am I doing am I not reading the entry above)
    correct though on guess twas a spinoff Hmmm

    very interesting…..

    Finally I think I can have a good night sleep tonight been helping a friend on his final paper (MBA)and To think that i think he does not actually need my help..was there for moral support(I remember the flower message of sleeping:refrain from giving flowers just be there)

    you see I learn a lot here…

    For A de BRux

    A de Brux apoligies just saw your message in another entry…

    you can e-mail me at [email protected]

  3. Sleeping I did say i learn a lot from you …..even when we agree to disagree sometimes…

    i still maintain what I said about Garci……too early matagal pa ang sine

    and I maintain the resemblance of garci and eddie gil

  4. Without disagreement the world would be a boring place and we would have nothing to talk about..

    So karl if the Government arrests you then the get two birds in one…..

    I know i have some strong views and my partner gets pissed with me at times but always knows why he partnered with me. It was because i do have strong views and try to do the best for all involved..

    For the Koolness of the people here i keep comming back because we just fight the facts not the personalities.. No real personal insults here..Sometimes a dig..

    karl and Joselu keep it up…

    And to MLQ3 Keep up the comentaries so we do have something to think about and discuss..

  5. Anyone following the SONY stuff up, I dont know if they sold any of the CD’s here?

    So, let quickly recap: Sony sells CDs with DRM software containing rootkit malware. They get caught. They offer a fix. The fix makes matters worse. The Sony exec in charge puts foot in mouth. Viruses surface using the holes provided by the rootkit. Charges of copyright infringements (what’s the DRM for anyway?) on open license software surface as well. Sony’s getting sued. They issue a recall on the offending discs. In the meantime, Sony’s losing record sales and credibility at a time of year when people spend more money than ever. Also consider they’re trying to push through their Blu-Ray DVD technology and the PlayStation3.


  6. Everyone assumes the Marine is guilty of rape. But no one really knows what happened. What we do know is that the cops beat the driver of the van into alleging that there was a gang rape. This puts a different light on the subject if anyone cares to look at it. It gives the appearance of a set-up.

    It seems, however, that everyone would rather assume the worst. Then based on this assumption, throw them in a filthy Philippine jail with a bunch of Pedro’s to exact justice.

    Americans aren’t that stupid!

  7. with all due respect to the condolonces…..

    As for the government arresting me

    I am not very hard to find actually…

    And as I said I am not anonymous I stand by what I say…

    and being a guy who got involved with sonofaguns and sonofarebels and sonofgods in my youth I should know my limits when its time to be afraid.

  8. Americans are not that stupid .. On what account leaving the marines in jail or the actual suspected rape..

    I do find it funny that now 7 more witnesses have appeared..

    …Beam ME down Scotty…

    And they left her at the side of the road to die?(Talking her about the witnesses now)

    No matter what happened they have to find out.. This should be obvious by the Gyenocologist report.. and the evidence in the van..

    I think it was a rape, just my thoughts…(Rape is when the other couple says no at any stage during the activity and the other one does not stop..May not have started that way but it does not matter…)

  9. Karl i meant it in the way that you look like them not that they would do it due to your views..

    Hey alot of the times you are pro-government..

    You may not agree with them always but that is what happens.

    I am scared sometimes………..

    I will not elaborate…………

  10. Also hard to find look up the story on the Australian girl (Philipina) it took 2 or more years to find her in the same hospise… (Which the government put her in…)

    Actually the priest saw the artice on Australian TV and noticed it was his patient..

    So finding you may be hard..

    Sometimes i really wonder how some of the people here find their way home and back to work everyday…

  11. I missed the part wheree sleeping said that the no personal insults …

    back to my old jolly me…
    the rape and the carjacking incident even if it shoud not be intertwined is the same

    they both make me feel for the victim/s

    but again it is too early

    the thing i read in the PDI yesterday DOJ sec is not the proper guy to target here

    no matter how he says he will incite someone of rumour mongering

    he is still not at the league of the powers that be….

    i may say in another column imagine people making the venable deal like it is something new?

    lobbying has been there since the 1700s for the us and at least there it is open

    but here in the rp they make it appear as if it is something new

    the congress cannot exist without the lobyists

    voters are just accidental heroes

    remember the two bills of similar verbatim contents

    I forgot who the two people involved where

    and by george….

    Newspeople played the ignorant innocent bystander again

    even at 34 years of existence in this world… have seen it all
    and will see somemore…

    by Karl M.Garcia

  12. The question here is who is the victims in both cases.. and the victims to come out of both cases..

    If the police are constrained too much then the law just will not be followed more than it is now..

    And if the Americans get too pissed off then we lose support on things like protection, Aid, support at IMF and World Bank. Agriculture exports imports..

    Let cool heads control the situation and deal with it in a fair and impartial manner..

    Dont hurt more people by Yelling at the top of our voices untill we do see the whole picture.. (Biazon said it had nothing to do with national security (What Nation is he talking about..not the nation I live in..) )

    Sit back and watch Biazon destory the country with statements like that, Remember these are Bilateral agreements do we have the same caveats in the laws.. We would probably leave our marines in the US as they would get better treatment than being here in the philippines..

    Some countries have treaties like this for all their citizens example Thailand or Malaysia and Germany..

    Austraila has ones with some countries that allow extridition of pedofiles to australia because they have stricter laws there but alow for conviction of the pedofile nomatter which country the act was done in..

  13. Again sleeping we both have said our take with the media
    as if we’ve been born yesterday

    but lets not put a net on it all nets are never to big…

    I may have been a conspiracy theorist by my lonesome

    On Biazon..unless I want to sleep in the gutter tonight(with the doors locked at home and get disowned)

    I’d better shut my pie hole…

    You see I know when to be afraid and who to be afraid of sleeping…..

  14. You seen the movie… Conspiracy Theory…

    Fantastic movie….

    I loved every second of it..

  15. Oh and if it came to that you could crash at my house…

    My wife may not be happy but oh well we could both end up with a beer in hand in front of a sari sari store thinking what idots we can be at times….

  16. On the gang rape accusation against the 5 US servicemen:

    The objective is to obtain justice for the victim if a crime was indeed committed. Following a joint RP-US investigation and if there should be an official indictment, the better tactic would be to require that the five accused face US naval court martial to be held in the Philippines. This can be done and there’s nothing in US military law that forbids courts martial to be held outside the US (if the Americans say it can’t be done, they will be lying).

    The American military can hold a court martial on one of their ships stationed somewhere in the South if they so wish but definitely on Philippine territorial waters. All they need to do is to get one of their judge advocates to come to the Philippines to get cracking.

    If found guilty, the servicemen could serve their sentence in US military prisons (which can be very, very unbelievably harsh on their inmates). This is a realistic way for both nations to come to a win-win situation, sort of a show or sign of good faith from both parties, so that the victim that is, if she was truly raped, would obtain justice.

    It must be said that the Philippines signed a very lopsided agreement – what with the provisions on jurisdiction and custody virtually canceling each other out. I do hope the nation’s leaders will have the balls today to flex some muscles without necessarily ruffling Washington feathers.

    Politics is politics but justice must be served.

  17. Dear sleeping….

    Am back in pque it seems that they have not changed the locks yet

    anyways how stupid of me… I assumed that you recalled what you said about the cut flowers topic and the floral offerings thus I equated it to moral support

    and this second time we misunderstood each other I told you once to skip the suicide part but that’s the word that sticked on your head…..

    was born tactless

    if that was (I mean is ) your name above…now i know…..
    but as to crashing your house if ever I will just ask around for your address and will notify you so you could leave the guest room vacant….

    Good thing my sister did not look at the blogosphere for the past few weeks I’ve been wrecking havok or else I might as well crash your house. and I pray by the time she does all the entries w my name on it has been archived…

    I enjoyed Conspiracy theory too so much that I imagined that the first gulf war was never about Kuwait it was about the power shortage in California causing LA riots,black guy killed….

    and connecting vietnam war with french us riots which later influenced philippine activism

    about the movie what’s your take on Onnasis and Hughes bet in the vietnam war…

    before calling it a night o what an idiot I have been and if you want to have an idea of what I look like just search friendster.. I have given enough personal info already….

  18. A de bRux

    best regards from my mom she reminded me bout earrings that she still has it……

    Ninna Ricci I think

    Now can you say that I conveyed to them the very same you or my mom confused you again….

    I have to apologize for the idiocy i displayed … I see what miscommunication and assuming too much can do…


    Sir Tuts got to apologize for the very juvenile behavior….

    I think instant bawi yung compliments mo kanina

  19. Sleeping I rememember the ex of someone close 2 you who was an ex of an ex mayor was once a neighbor making that a sibling of someone my neighbor too.
    But we never met…..

  20. I read the Citizen on Mars blog entry but couldn’t find any reference to the use of White Phosphorus in Mindanao.

  21. I think the Inquirer Editorial “Little Brown Brother” was racist, but that may take too long to explain. Regarding the time it will take to prosecute the US Marines, look at Joseph Estrada, democratically elected President of the Philippines. He has been in Philippine custody for over FOUR YEARS and his case isn’t even up to the Supreme Court. Like I said, it was racist screed. Rosa Parks would be turning over in his grave. I don’t know about you guys, but HUMANITY is my CITIZENSHIP.

  22. Honestly, if I were the rape victim, I would go directly to the US Marine court martial that is about to begin its own internal investigation of the matter. Justice will be easier to get from the US military than from the Philippine Government. Unless off course what the PDI wants is for these accused rapists to be thrown to a mob. Or maybe they’re not really interested in the victim, but in inflaming hatred and racism among the Filipinos. Propaganda. I don’t think the US military has come to the Philippines for the purpose of letting their men go out and rape the Filipinas, one and all. They are surely more concerned about how this will affect their real mission here, a mission Filipinos do not believe needs to be done, because leftist ideologues like the PDI do not believe the war on terror is our war and have convinced everyone it is JUST America’s war. That is the introversion of the Filipinos.

  23. Suppose one were accused of a crime in a country like Peru or Egypt where you can be put in jail for years and your case is essentially forgotten in the logjam, what would we be expecting our government to be doing for us again? Help me out guys. I am both an American and a Filipino by accidents of birth and constitutions. The awful conditions of Philippine jails are NOT a part of the punishments contemplated by the Revised Penal Code until AFTER one is found guilty. The US govt is duty bound to protect the human rights of its citizens too, isn’t it? Or are nationalism and contitutional democracy forbidden for America to practice, for some reason?

  24. , i couldnt quite pickup on the the writer’s racist tone, other than what the writer acknowledges to have been hurled at us, the supposed little brown brothers. I doubt Rosa Parks will be stirring in HER grave.

    The US govt is duty bound to protect the human rights of its citizens too, isn’t it? Or are nationalism and contitutional democracy forbidden for America to practice, for some reason?”

    I think the issue raised was not that the US was intent on seeing to it that no injustice is done its servicemen. The concern raised was that our own justice secretary was not doing what (very little) is expected of him, which is to see to it that our own get their right and fair share of justice. I am not saying she was raped for sure, or that the servicemen shouldnt have been placed in US custody. The important issue raised is that Gonzalez’ actions may have not been in the best interest of, and more importantly may have been dentrimental to, the interests of the alleged victim, his countryman whose interests he is duty-bound to serve.

    He may have perhaps known that the girl was just making up a story.(It is not for him to judge) But even then, knowing that the other side will be doing its best to serve the interests of the accused, he should not have acted in a manner prejudicial to his own side, especially without due reason.

  25. Hi Karl,
    Yep, I remember those – wow, that was some 10 years ago!!!!! Glad she still has them…

  26. I am not defending Raul Gonzales. He should be hung by his nose. I am calling the PDI RACIST, for calling him a Little Brown Brother. When I lived in America, and I was poor (yes that happened!), I had to put myself through school by working full time and going to school full time. You know who helped me through all those years of personal struggle? All my Little Brown Brothers, and black and yellow and red and white brothers and sisters. Real people who, like me, were nothing in America. But together we realized as brothers and sisters our color mattered not. I am proud of, and love my LITTLE BROWN-BLACK-WHITE-YELLOW-RED-BROTHERS-AND-SISTERS in America.

    And believe me, the FOUR MILLION FILIPINO AMERICANS who proudly live there are far more evolved than the cretins who wrote an editorial treacherous to the progress of humanity, crusctaceanlike to the ascent of man, dismissive of the civil rights struggles of people like the LADY–yes, forgive me Sister! for using “his”–Rosa Parks who showed that it is the corrigibility of a society that really matters.

    There is no society more just and more free than America. That is where the victim should run to for justice, not here where she will be used as a battering ram for the frustrated, the paranoid, the hatek-filled people like the Inquirer, who don’t really care about here ONE BIT and are just involved in the politics of the persecution complex.

  27. I guess it is also called an AD HOMINEM attack on Sec. Gonzales on top of inciting racism and hatred. That is in direct violation of Article VII of the Journalist Code of Ethics that those big fat hypocrites at the Inquirer have on their website:

    VII. I shall not, in any manner, ridicule, cast aspersions on, or degrade any person by reason of sex, creed, religious belief, political conviction, cultural and ethnic origin.

    They should apologize to every civil libertarian and human rights activist for that is what they are promoting: racism and hate.

  28. The Philippines is a shattered, fractured nation, because its citizens do not BELIEVE in anything worth believing IN. It’s people are demoralized, its greatest minds paralyzed, by the hatred incited in them by ideologues, a hatred that will always be greater than their happiness and prosperity.

  29. DJB

    Now I understand that people should forget about the resentful 20th century and the rest that was said about it…

    its been two weeks since I saw that and only the items above made me fully understand it…


    see how blogs can develop one ‘s personality

    I use to prejudge people by the way they comment….
    after this comments session

    one can never really see a full picture of where one is coming from just based on a few words

    again speaking for my self
    the blog session with multiple views on comments make one have an actual balance and objectivity of things

    …… if there is no disagreemnt then there is nothing to talk about.
    dont know about you but the comment sessions are a continuous character building session everyday

    we learn that we should not be carried away with the ratings wars and stick to what we believe is right for we are no longer juviniles confused of whats right and wrong….

  30. Karl: I do not call for forgetting. We must remember and NEVER forget the past. It is BECAUSE we know the terrors of those centuries that we must never allow them again. It is the knowledge that others were racists towards us that should prevent us from allowing FILIPINOS to become racist towards others.

    Two wrongs do not make a right. I did not learn that in America. I learned that much earlier, from the Gospels of Jesus Christ, from the love my mother and father showed me.

    No, we must not forget the past. I know you all think PDI is a good newspaper. It is not. It never grew up from the time it was the Marcos giant-killer to now where it is completely controlled by a religion given over to historical resentment and hatred. But the losers of an earlier battle have now won because Filipinos cannot see the racism that America has struggled to extirpate for two centuries, has been implanted in their own hearts.

    Ask yourselves how you felt after you read that editorial? Did you not feel a kind of exhiliration? You do not know it, but you have had the direct experience of what it would feel like to be part of LYNCH MOB.

  31. To call someone a little brown brother is every bit as reprehensible and immoral as to call someone a DYKE or a HOMO or a wetback or a spick or a NIP or a Polack or a NIGGER, because it invites those others to be the same kind of evil and immoral provocateur as the Inquirer.

  32. Reprehensible indeed. But the phrase little brown brother does not (or at least, i dont think so) carry with it a racist tone. It is a reference to a point in Philippine-American history where the US viewed itself as a benevolent brother doing all he can in order to SAVE and EDUCATE us uncivilized Filipino monkeys (Leon Wolff, i think, has a book on it). Calling Gonzales that, criticizes his unreasonable eagerness as a little brown brother to help his big white brothers in need. (no racist tone from me there, i assure you. this is only a reference to the concept. This is not at all in the same league with the derogatory terms cited above.)

  33. The word brown in the comment is racist..

    IF it was our little brother. Or our brother then no racial tone..

    Remember this line was coined when america was very racist…

    America does not care for Human Rights Look at them today prisions around the world for torture.. Notice also they did not have an inquiry about the prisions but who released the information..

    To Karl yes you did get it right the flowers – Being there is all about moral support and the being there..

    It is all well and good to send flowers costing 100,000 Pesos but if you cannot take the time to be with the grieving then you are missing the point of the Funeral and wake..

    Same with spending all night with a friend to watch them complete a project or some work to give them the time is more important…

    It is like doing your childrens home work for them they get good marks but did they learn anything, Spend the 30 Minutes with them and show or guide them to the answer, the support is much better then the results..

    Have to agree with Karl also on the reading a line of text does not give you an idea who the person is really just where they are thinking at the time of the typing..

    A court martial would be a good thing if the result was fair . I am not sure but if we look at the VFA further it maybe better for a US court than a philipino court. Being convicted with rape in the US will destroy their lives more than been convicted here.. As they could never say it was a frame up..

  34. I reitereate that each comment line is a learning sesion in progress to be continued by the next issue and our comments on the issue……

    we always say resopect opinions of others

    wasted more than half of my life connecting the dots when i can’t sleep like Mel Gibson in that movie or The Question in justice league
    same difference pala when we read news ,editorials let us not getcarried away lets just think its their opinion
    we dont have to change their minds and force a retraction or make shift libel suit

    and lets not make news,editorials change our minds so let us not spend time explaining to them why it is very wrong

    let us just make the macro to mini we cant force to change minds of opinion givers so let us just be a good influence to our children(wala apa ako)firends and those that matters

    we must make a paradigm shift in reading the news
    like watching a movie that’s it

    like watching WWE you know its fake you still watch it and take it with a grain of salt

    again that movie Flight plan makes you remember not to prejudge someone for he or she maybe rihght after all

    sinong napahiya sa dulo…..May be oversimplification
    but let us try to change our mindsets in reading news,history.opinions,blogs,books,movies,tv

    if not we will end up with a wacked mind of a conpiracy theorist

  35. The Editorial is ANONYMOUS.

    But the true character of a human being is always revealed in what he or she is willing to SAY or DO when he or she thinks the real authorship won’t be discovered.

    A word to the wise commenter too.
    Dean Jorge Bocobo

  36. MY minds not wacked.. Just joking..

    Agree again, sometimes the writers of the articles do place things like this into the peice to make it more contreversal.

    If the writer gets a name good or bad then they get paid more.. And it is always easier to be bad than good..

    Check out our TV Here..

    Compare an interview on the BBC Hard Line to a interview on ABS-CBN (Pick the Same style program..)

    The interviewers are much better and make it a point to ask both sides of the story.. But asking the questions direclty so as to allow the personality to answer themselves. With the facts and background data available…

    Unlike Korina who asks questions then picks the interview apart the next few days, using her own experts..(EX-PERT EX has been- No Longer- SPERT- Drip under pressure.)

    The only one I like is Bong Amunda and Online with Gene when it is not political.. Bong is nice and keeps away from personal things unless the subject brings it up..

    Being incompetent in the Newspaper and TV industry here really pays.. If you dont think and research you get a name.. But being hard working and deligent gets you a middle page or shitty hour on TV..

    And the reason why is because Idoits like me watch and read them to pick them apart each night..

    60 Minutes used to be a really good one in the US as well..

  37. I wonder when we are going to get over America and our past with our former colonizer? It’s so far back, my grandparents were babes when it all started! My generation never saw the US as colonizer, it’s just another country in the big, wide world.

    Never mind forgetting or remembering – what about learning valuable lessons from history. We keep digging up the past and all the hurts from the past when we were a colony and this shows in our history lessons, film, tv, print…sheesh…how do we expect our country to rise above the mentality of a colony?? Can we not get emotional over America sometimes?

  38. Anonymous editorials are the ultimate hiding holes of the cowards among us…the professional snipers, assassins in journalists clothing, the voices of omniscient resentment. Let us not defend racism in ANY form, especially the same anonymous form of WHITE-HOODED Klansmen whose courage cconsists only of that::ANONYMITY.

  39. MITAMS: I AM emotional about America. Because 250 million of my countrymen live there, including 4 million who look just like me: little and brown.

    Why can we not seem to “escape” America. Perhaps because she IS big–as big and inescapable as the future of mankind because what really matters is what really works, not just what you are taught in history lessons, which can be flawed, or worse the domain of defeated ideas that nevertheless dominate by default, by the surrender of those who know better but ALLOW and SUFFER it.

  40. Why can we not seem to “escape” America.

    It is not escaping i think it is deciding what we want to take and use and what we want to leave..

    We never mention Spain because we Forgot what we did not like.

    But with America we see it all the time and it is hard to not take the bad with the good..Look at the HIP HOP Clothes and the ideas which come with it..

    The problem mainly comes down to the ones who take some things to heart too much and use a big brush to paint all of america as bad..

    I am not a lover of America or some of their ideas but i have to agree things like the Sciences they have is good.. But we have to look else where aswell as good things come from all countries.. Any good science is good just they have more R&D money.

    Things that we dont want should not cloud the good.. Like 5-6 Marines who may be bad does not mean they all are bad.. I am sure they are having alot of problems now as the Marines do have a code and really live by it.. And to give them a bad name is worse than anything else..

    Fight each issue dont take them all on as each one has its own sides.. Some good some bad..

    Protesting against america will not work Protest against the people or the actual policy. As it also gives you the ability to talk with them..

    Like Me and Karl or Me and MLQ3, we dont hate each other therefore we can discuss and explain our ideas, and why we feel that way..

    I personally have a worse hatred of Japan but always temper that with the goals i am after..

  41. You got the last word Sleeping! I’m going cycling in the boondocks to visit some of my LITTLE BROWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

  42. all points well taken and digested

    maybe its time to wait for the next blog
    and go back to dissecting it if that’s what everybody wants

    to be part of their routine….

    there is a reason why we are all here…..

    you all have beautiful minds..(not a joke)

    Karl M. Garcia

  43. me latak pa pala

    remember the two Filipinos killed 2-3 monthgs ago in China

    I heard the reason was the killer thought they were Japanese

    we may not know it since we have a western perspective or middle east southern asia perspective only

    but until now many youths from China still hate Japanese and I think they still do and will burst again once a japanese leader shows his face there…

    I saw Singaporean museums were Japanese tourist are crying because they never thought that there forefathers can do such things…..

    For the life of me..I wonder what kind of information did they get from their teachers

    Never been to japan but i was told that there is a museum there with distorted facts..if that is accurate then I can understand why Japanese can’t accept WWII facts

    all they remember maybe is that they got nuked

    bat nga ba tayo hinihintay na lang natin mawala lahat ng comfort women akala ko baradical tayo at aktibista kontra amerika eto comfort women na di naman tayo araw araw nagrarally kontra hapon

    tapos sinabi pa ng ambassador na naprapraning sya dito….

    Again just asking…..

  44. The low fat diet thesis of DJB may do wonders afterall

    kaya naman wala natin pabayaan ang maga bagay na di naman kontrobersyal

    di naman nating pwede sabihin na walang kinalaman sa kasaysayan natin ang mga hapon

    ang bait bait pala natin

    yung mga hapon na parliamentarian taiwanese korean
    nagususuntukan pampatanggal lang ng tension

    tayo ang bait naku sobra hanggang sigawan lang

    is it only a matter of massaging massaging hypnotizing ideologies advocacies

    do we exist just to have our brains massaged?

  45. Like the point above Its thirty minutes and counting still no answer because it is not controversial enough to tickle sonmeone’s fancy

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