Two errors

In my previous entry, there are two mistakes I’ve corrected:

1. Dan Mariano explained the following: “The Web site is operated by ABS-CBN Interactive, a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. While the Web site works closely with the network, it is technically not a part of it. The column I write is for The Manila Times, which has a content-provider agreement with ABS-CBN Interactive. This is why it is reproduced in
If you come right down to it, I am not an employee of the network ABS-CBN Corporation. Yes, I lauded the internal investigation on Julius Babao; I did so as a Times columnist.” My apologies for the error. All along I presumed Dan was the Editor-in-Chief of which I also presumed was an integral part of the ABS-CBN television operations. The distinctions Dan explained are important. For example, is an independent company which is jointly owned by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA Television, but it has its own editorial team and policies.

2. The story from about the survey did not originally come from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It was’s own story (it has its own set of reporters, too).

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “Two errors

  1. I had the feeling that I was supposed to tell you that the website contents is of the times because I compared them once…

    The Times has two sets of on line news so it seems,
    but as again have to use self as an example

    I click to abs-cbnnews rather than the Times for personal reasons (father let go from latter) even if I know its just about the same thing…

  2. Manolo, here’s a clarification to my earlier clarification. I obviously did not make it clear enough the first time around: I write a column for The Manila Times, yes. I am also the editor-in-chief of, which is a Web site maintained and operated by ABS-CBN Interactive. ABS-CBN Interactive, in turn, is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corpation. While works in close coordination with ABS-CBN News, the subsidiary’s news Web site is not a part of the network’s news division. Sorry if I did not make this sufficiently clear earlier. Sorry too for any misimpressions that my earlier comment created; it was, I assure you, unintentional. Regards again.

  3. Apologies to Mr Mariano

    I read your news and what i said I that I compared it to the times was a day when most of the news were taken from the times and only compared one part for example national

    the business portion obviously has other sources like reuters not only the times

    sorry for the misimpression

    not because I have biasses against one of your bosses I have no reason to blurt it out


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