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As Ramon Jr. & Eloisa S. Mabutas point out, today is the birth anniversary of Elpidio Quirino. Some years back I wrote an extended essay on him titled Reverie on on/off Quirino (the photo of Quirino on the right was taken in the Executive Office, now the Quezon Room, and comes from the old Timepix archive).

The Daily Tribune confirms what was scuttlebutt yesterday: Sec. Michael Defensor is slated to be the next Presidential Chief of Staff, a position originally held by Rigoberto Tiglao.

Speaking of Defensor, the Inquirer in its editorial trains its guns on him and Norberto Gonzales (although the Manila Times reports that it’s Defensor being the hard-liner, not Gonzales). The editorial suggests the Palace is alarmed over the change in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ leadership; Conrado de Quiros welcomes that change but says the episcopacy has to go further still. JB Baylon aims his column at Defensor, too., the Daily Tribune and Malaya have their respective takes on the latest survey results: 84 percent want to know the real score concerning the Hello, Garci tapes; 53 percent of Filipinos feel the impeachment case should have been discussed more fully in the House; 31 percent felt there should have been a Senate trial; only 15 percent agreed with the dismissal of the impeachment complaint(s); the President is trusted by 24 percent of Filipinos, distrusted by 55 percent, the highest distrust rating for any president since Marcos. Furthermore, 58 percent of Filipinos believe their personal quality of life will worsen over the next year; 74 percent believe the national quality of life will worsen next year. Ellen Tordesillas has her take on the results, too. (Compare the survey with the latest Gallup poll on George W. Bush’s unpopularity).

Puzzling, even disturbing news: the Citizen’s Congress snubs vice-presidential candidate Loren Legarda. Bad move. And speaking of the real Congress, the House committees investigating “Hello, Garci” have come up with findings to its hearings that are actually in aid of legislation.

In the punditocracy, Filipinos Left Fighting for Crumbs is my Arab News column for today.

Benito Lim has an extended treatise on America, its geopolitical interests, and how Uncle Sam wants to shift its troops from Okinawa to, say, Mindanao.

Amando Doronila slams Senator Enrile (who slammed Doronila during the Commission on Appointments hearings for Doronila’s ill-fated ambassadorial appointment). Dan Mariano, in his Manila Times column, lauds ABS-CBN network’s internal investigation of Julius Babao.

Ambeth Ocampo writes about the Veterans Memorial Medical Center. Sylvia Mayuga recently penned a charming piece on finding love in internet cafes. Mike Tan has a column Filipino Librarian will love.

The blogosphere has The PCIJ correcting some of its previous reportage on the goings-on in the U.P. College of Law.

Edwin Lacierda bewails the lack of English proficiency of some fellow lawyers. Apropos of the law, blurry brain says it’s wrong to think that the land occupied by foreign embassies is also foreign soil.

Thank God the Heritage Conservation Society has its blog up and running. It regularly reproduces the columns of my good friend Paolo Alcazaren, one of the leading lights in the historical conservation movement: one of his more recent pieces is a highly interesting essay on Forbes Park.

Another Hundred Years Hence asks an important question: why hasn’t anyone in the Philippines begun to advocate the $100 laptop? Brazil is set to get into the manufacture of the machines (complete with hand crank in case there’s no electricity) in a big way; the Brazilians envision reducing costs by doing away with printing textbooks, which could be loaded directly into the computers.

Vatican Watcher discusses Concordats, the treaties entered into by the Holy See with governments, often to define and protect the rights of the Church.

Presto Vivace hopes a way can be found, now that online publications are increasingly charging for content, to allow readers of blogs that link to for-pay articles, to pay only for reading specific articles.

Madame Chiang is not amused by an apparent deterioration in the manners of her fellow Britons. mentions something in Hong Kong that would be really neat to have here: Octopus cards.

Necessities department: Someone has to have a blog with blogging announcements, you know, like birth and death announcements. Sassy Lawyer has a new baby, her Party Journal (perfect for the holidays), while Eating the Sun says Baguio journalist Frank Cimatu now has a blog.
And just for the heck of it, courtesy of Poor Mojo Newswire: The Worst Olympic Mascots Ever.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

21 thoughts on “Survey says

  1. Pinaninindigan na ni Sec ang pagka Defensor nya

    totoo kaya yung chismis na dahil maka Ramos si Sec. Ermita
    ewan ko basta alm ko nadito sina Migs Ayesa at Constantine! AAAY!

    that was what happened when I talked to my wife about politics….

  2. Ah yes, Octopus cards. Not only can you get around nearly all forms of public transport in HK, you can also use it to pay for small transactions at your nearest 7-11 or your local grocery chain. Now wouldn’t that be a nice thing to indeed have in the Philippines.

  3. Manolo, just a clarification. The Web site is operated by ABS-CBN Interactive, a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. While the Web site works closely with the network, it is technically not a part of it. The column I write is for The Manila Times, which has a content-provider agreement with ABS-CBN Interactive. This is why it is reproduced in
    If you come right down to it, I am not an employee of the network ABS-CBN Corporation. Yes, I lauded the internal investigation on Julius Babao; I did so as a Times columnist. Regards.

  4. Loren’s says she’s iniwan sa ere then her lawyers being told that the schedule for electoral fraud was last week and somehow being told that they were following a schedule….

    But what seemed to happen now the blaming game continues.. no financial support….guindgona being used by escudero?

    is this conclusion jumping time again….

    Octopus cardds one of the good thing s to have here

    well if our telecom geniuses had a one upmanship top that innovations for the various pasa loads portable wallets
    sayang natigil naubusan na ng promo balik 24/7 unlimitted talk n text

    may be a group of fellows may want to out innovate each other again on this so called card but they have to start with one first…

  5. In the case of the $100 laptop.. Where would the country find the money, IMF – World Bank both backed by the US are not going to back a Linux device… Too anti-M$ for them. You have to purchase a very large volume, and it is not just brazil but china has an order for them. On that China was offered Free Software from Apple and it was declined as noted here.. Media Labs co-founder Nicholas Negroponte said Jobs’ offer applied only to China and that officials in China actually rejected it last year.

    In the case with PCIJ they now come out with retractions on all the on goings at UP…After they used this artices to stir the fire against the President… And the mention that the sources that told them about a conversation the UP dean had was not a lie… It must have been a little white lie…

    They still have not made a public announcement on the links between them and the FPJ camp..

    In the case with the Octopus card they had a Micro-payment card out years ago here but no one got behind it enough to make it a viable option. I think they used this card elsewhere in the world instead..

    Peoples court is now causing the opposition to fight between each other.. What a suprise..

  6. since evertybody is busy and I have a valid reason to talk about politics dahil lahat ng mga tao sa bahay hate the topics in other words maghanap ka ng kausap so here I am…

    I can give a reason why we should allow bishops to talk beyond their expertise is dahil tulad nating mga bloggers
    we comment on things we dont fully have the authority
    again not a catch all statement dahil madami naman expert opinions na legit

    pero sa tulad ko na wala lang magawa ata kundi dibdibin lahat ng mga nabasa mag blog na lang…
    If yiou hjave read JP@s centissimus annus which I happen to you would see that the pope covered everything under the sun so to speak I don’t know if he was ever a journalist pero makikita mo sa memoirs nya na lahat yata naranasan nya….

    I mentioned this because somewhere in the blogosphere I had this experience on exchanging barbs with people out of my league about the topic,(mali I was out of their league)

    I just submitted na you have your say gotta respect that
    pero ang dami pa ding emotional entries hanggang comment 48 na nga eh partly my fault and again walang dibdiban at walang personalan….

    English proficiency of lawyers
    they keep on proposing to let the native tongue reign in the courts dahil puro mahihirap daw ang clientelle

  7. And what is the native tounge of this country.. How can a Manilan get justice if he/she is taken to court in mindanao..

    Or a Cebuano get justice if it is done in manila..

    Also the languages do not have enough words to express the correct items, Just take tagalog for an argument..

    Say a Girl plans to kill some one the statement will not have a sexual context thus the witnesses statement can have two meanings.. HE or SHE

    It is a way for the Laywers to make more money as in each area you will have to hire the local to speak on you behalf. And you would hope they are not involved in framing you without your knoweledge. Say in the cases overseas everytime a philipino gets charged we have to make sure there are interpters so they dont get framed…

    Then you take it to the BIR a court case where all accounting documents must be in english or spanish and not the local language then have to fight it in the local language.. Very confusing..

    Better to decide on one language and one only maybe latin.. At least then none of us will understand…

    Truthfully it is better if we all learn and speak english or the dominant language in china as that is where we will need to be in the future..

    What is the word for computer in tagalog? Cebuano?? So i hit someone over the head with a device like box that counts?

  8. Napanod ko nga sa whatsup whatsup inispoof ni Cong Ocampo ang sarili nya nagbigay yung mga host ng mga words
    english phrases
    tinagalog naman ni congressman

    ni di nga alam kung anong pambansang wika
    nasubukan nyo na bang magsimba sa pilipino mass considering na every week english mass andgnakasanayan mo…

    Hirap sumabay di ba?
    Tapos we celebrate linggo ng Wika which until now is akala ko tagalog ang pambansang wika tinawag lang na pilipino ito…

    watching congress a congressman tells a partylist rerp to speak in english for he can not understand tagalog


  9. wish to invite you to listen in to a talk by Dr Paul Dumol, history professor at the University of Asia & the Pacific, on “Pag-ibig sa Lupang Tinubuan: On the Road to Nationhood.” Nov 30, 7pm, in Makati. wanted to give details by e-mail but I see no e-mail address in your blog nor your PDI column.
    I do not know you personally but what I do see in your column that makes it distinct from much of what’s out there is your sincerity. I believe the talk would make for fine Bonifacio Day musings. pls get back to me at the e-mail address I gave.

  10. Surveys…

    When I studied MBA statistics ang pinakamababa kong grade
    Market research I escaped it because it was changed to an elective or was always an elective yata….

    I never believed in sampling conclusions when it comes to opinions because of diverity and the ever dindividual differences which can be seen in the family.

    On asks for a representative of the household then you push your usual suspect to answer the surveys which may or represent the vies of your family

    basta when it comes to opinions, as an opinion it can never be charted
    dahil dynamic ang pagiisip even with the most principled individual
    and individualistic

    I will add these surveys to my stockpile of the grains of salt I collect.

  11. To Karl,

    Your postings are funny yet insightful.

    Keep ’em coming…


    Btw, I really enjoy MLQ3’s historical tidbits in his blogs; makes one yearn for more.

  12. Whatever happened to the Golden Orinola? Quirino was probably the next most corrupt president of the Republic.

  13. pardon me MLQ

    A De brux I forgot to ask my parents if you were Filipina or Filipino
    since that thing you said about OFWS and it seems you understood everyword I said that makes me erase the thinking that you are French
    I was told we met and you gave me a cologne or something

    I still can’t recall pls forgive me..

  14. Again pardon me MLQ

    A de bRux

    My sister arrived and I asked more about you so we never met afterall …my mom just got confused obviously i just gave them the keyword you gave me…..
    God Speed!
    best regards and hope you still have your car
    and glad to have new friends….

  15. Mlq3 I really try to click all the links little by little everyday and as I said a new lesson everyday 🙂

    but to be honest minsan opinion muna bago basa kaya humahaba ang mga entries ko.

    I will make it a good habit to do the reading prior to giving any comments

    for that I could keep it simple even if there are a lot of entries for many links do interst me.

    with my comments reaching as far as france made me think that I am supposed to be more conscious now…

  16. Mita, yes, if you look back an entry or two, my profile was put up when OSM was still called PajamasMedia. It’s quite an interesting venture.

  17. on cage birds I am depressed too because in the case of love birds they die together one die ,eventually the others follow minutes later ..and those that I know that could stand to be alone are so noisy myna birds and parrots

    Parrots are mated for life with the other if one dies the other will sooner thean later like most humans, If you lose the will to live they die, In the case furter if you have a Male or Female Budgie on its own it will make a relationship with you as the mate, The male will copy your speech to show love the same as if it was with a female budgie.

    Keeping them locked up is a small cage is criminal they have wings let them fly…. Bit like the Manila zoo and the way they keep animals but i have to say they are getting better slowly…

    The reason i see most people say no flowers is to respect the poorer people by saying you can come and pay your respects we dont mind that you cannot afford a wreath..
    Just your presence is more important to the proceedings…

  18. Apologies too to MLQ3; this is a message for Karl,

    Nice to hear that they still remember me. Hope to meet you and your parents in Manila when I go in December (hopefully). Please tell your Dad that I got rid of my ‘car’ finally and that both Edd and Ernie know. Best regards to your sis. Thanks & take care.

  19. Nice thing to go to back issues….

    Athough many days late sleeping thanks for the info

    Because I had this trauma with love birds I never really tried others thus the ignorance if some can be loners or not…

    that may be the reason for people asking not to bring flowers although personally I felt sadder when people come with flowers than with people who just sits beside you and tap you on the shoulder and sit with you in silence and will only talk if he can sense that you are now ready

  20. MLQ3,

    I just re-read your piece on President Quirino and was touched by it.

    My father used to tell me that Quirino was one great President and I’m beginning to understand why.

    Thank you for the article.

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