On a lighter vein

I’m thinking that on Sundays, rather than blog about serious things, I shoud focus instead on articles and other links that have amused me over the past week.

Little Gamers always amuses me. Webcomics are always fun, because they don’t have to be rated G.

The perfect book for your friends who just became parents: Baby Fart Aerobics.

Via Yuga, one of the funniest satirical pieces I’ve read in ages: How Adsense pollutes the blogosphere: Exclusive Interview with Sam of Pinoy Big Brother!

The Jason Journals recounts the elevator experience from the Twilight Zone. Ultraelectromagneticblog indulges in toilet humor.

McVie discusses Mercedes Benzes and his Inner Butch. Gigi Goes Gaga discusses the habits one picks up from former and current mates. Vespinoy has an ongoing saga about, well, a long road trip via scooter, the scooter marathon apparently being known as Iron Butt.

Scoup d’etat gives an example of Filipino economic logic. Cofibean is just the latest in a long line of conyospeak blogs, but seems the one updated most often.

For those who loved the show as much as I did (and do): the Yes, (Prime) Minister Files, which has actor’s biographies and quotes! Bulletproof Vest links to that famous video of Chinese kids lip-synching to the Backstreet Boys, if you still haven’t seen the video, see it now. And Japanese television wierdness, from An Englishman in Osaka. Film note: in 1978 a French film maker strapped a camera to a Ferrari and filmed a break-neck race down Paris streets. Read about it in Crooked Timber. Music Note: Can I be Frank? links to feed of 5 hours of DJ-mixed dance music online every Sunday (UK time).

Just about the only Pinoy Cook recipe I fully intend never to try as long as I live: Pig’s brain and eggplant frittata. On another food note, X-Pat Files discusses a Swiss drink that’s not doing so well. And Market Manila’s delightful entry on Macaroni salad. Friscodude reports that kimchi, yes, kimchi! apparently cures chickens with the Avian flu.

Good reads, basically non-political blogs: The Electronic Journal of Adel Gabot, and the literary-oriented Eating the Sun, plus the literary blog of Drood, Where’s my Car? and there’s BusinessWeek Online which has a blog strictly about Apple computers, and if you’re into CSI and similar programs, you’ll like the e-zine Criminal Minds.

Sad news, though: Peter Drucker passes away. I’ve only read one of his books, but greatly enjoyed it. A great work of autobiography:

“Adventures of a Bystander (Trailblazers)” (Peter F. Drucker)

Manuel L. Quezon III.

11 thoughts on “On a lighter vein

  1. I like the idea, I for one am too clouded with the goings on
    and I forgot that weekends are for relaxing 🙂

  2. manolo, i am flattered that my blog was mentioned here. thanks for visiting.
    it truly was an iron butt ride. try riding a vespa over 2 1/2 hours non stop and you’ll experience different levels of derriere discomfort you’ll be telling your grand kids about. hahaha. The trip was well worth it though.

  3. karl, yeah we have to relax at least on weekends. Life’s crappy enough as it is during the week.

    Bimbo, I always visit your blog. A friend’s dad claims to have gone to Baguio and back again on a Vespa a long time ago. Sounds scary to me.

  4. manolo, gee thanks!

    baguio seems to be a “par for the course” destination nowadays. we’ve been to so many places that I can’t imagine viewing the Philippine countryside (at least Luzon) any other way, it gives new meaning to “stop and smell the roses” or palay in this case.

    another trip to the far north via tuguegarao and cagayan is in the works or maybe a trip down to matnog, sorsogon.

  5. Okay! Heto baka magustohan ninyo ito:
    The Sith Sense
    Darth Vader will ask you TWENTY QUESTIONS and read your mind. Uncanny, he has read my mind correctly 100% of the times I have gone to the site.

    If anyone beats him please let me know. Ang galing::The Sith Sense (Flash Player required)

  6. I totally agree, Manolo, Sundays should be enjoyed in pajamas, in mindless pursuits. So I took the Dean’s advice and visited The Sith Sense. It took Darth four guesses before he finally read my mind. Does that count as a win?

  7. one boring night and i’m supposed to look for new ways to prepare mac salad- and i was led to your blog. now i’ll look forward to sundays reading ur blog- as u promised- no politics, nothing heavy.
    back to the mac salad for now.

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