5 thoughts on “CEAP kids roundtable, part 2

  1. Sigurado Ok to Lasalle High school kasi eh…

    I am still downloading the two mp3 files I am beginning to hate dial up but a little bit helpless about the situation so I will just make do.

    This I would like to hear.
    I want to know how the youth really feel, that do they feel as their parents or they have their own say. I am hopefully seeking validation that not all kids are brainwashed by communist ideas from text books…. no matter what happens I will wait for the downloads to finish.

    I remember my batchmates I did not expect for a shy guy like Abet Garcia to become a congressman….Atty Gerard Lukban to be the Comission Secretary of SEC ready to help the victims of preneed mess…. sabagay medyo halata yung case nya kesa ke Abet na sa Impeachment votes ko lang nadinig ang boses…I was really proud that atty Adel Tamano kahit na di nya ako kilala still, proud to be his batchmate….He already wrote a book about impeachment and is a professor at FEU……

    I am also proud to have an upper batchmate in the name of Ace Barbers…I did not see before what they would become today..

  2. For the likes of it it seems na open ito to many la salle schools or othe schools dahil una nagsalita babae eh pero baka Dls Zobel sya…
    Ok lang so far about heroes ang nadinig ko

    sa early part wala pang nag dare mag sabi na me Idol silang politiko

    sa ngayon wala pero oras na kaklase na nila yung politiko tingnan lang natin….

    I was struck about environment influences behavior….I like it about people are born good then only surroundings change them
    parang stupid is what stupid does ni forrest Gump

    Potential something I wasted dahil medyo down ako ngayon(bum4now)
    I just hope that the youth of the future will never hesitate to optimize their potential malay natin pag graduate nila sagna na ang Rp at madami ng openings for entrepreneurs maybe time will come that you can start a business in one day not 2 months
    Cguro by that time we make full use of our exporting capabilities….

    Kahit na sa tingin natin ngayon it is hell on earth there is still hope.Lalo na pag inaksyonan na nila ang ideals nila….

    This was a sulit moment for me….
    I love positive things….

  3. Hi. This was attended by Lourdes School – Mandaluyong, St. Anthony School, De La Salle – Zobel, Angelicum College, Manila Cathedral School, St. Bridget School, St. Jude Catholic School, Saint Rita College, St. Paul University – Manila and De La Salle University – Manila.

    Thanks Manolo for posting!

  4. karl, the kids were from different schools, I didn’t find out exactly which, but they were from Catholic schools and most were not from any la Salle school.

  5. Thanks Sir Manolo thanks miss or mr Aikee 🙂

    I see.
    Pero kinumkumpleto ko pa din as I type this pero nakumpleto ko na ang reaction paper ko po(joke)
    Again i know that you really did not mean that the remaining thinkers have warped minds

    pero teka di ko pa nga alam kung kasali ako sa sinasabi mong thinkers hehe

    I’m in the last part na sir and so far so good po.

    You really induced the minds of the youth and am interested to at least know how positive can kids get not withstanding what’s going on….

    Natauhan ako sa part ng nagmamata ng di naman nagbabayad ng tax ang mga youth
    bigla kong nalimutan na me VAT nga pla at me sales tax na nuon pa man

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