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  1. Did you watch ABS-CBN the first time they have been anti the truth commision, and the truth did come out..

    They have no extra evidece not said anything new and you can only ask questions from the audience (Which is the reason they say they are having it) After all the evidence has been presented, by all the ‘Witnesses’.

    Thus it is not like a court or investigation as you cannot grill any of the Witnesses at the time they make their allegations.. You have to sit through mutiple days worth of talks and presentations, without any notice when you will be able to question something said on the first day..

    Lost Credibility with the people, since they are not even running it like they said they would..

    And they said they did not have any special new people.

    Last item it looked like an AMWAY Multilevel marketing presentation, nothing like a court or investigation.. What a waste of time for the people involved, Such a pity they hold it so dearly to their heart..

    Looks like they will be heart broken when its all over.

    Also how can you investigate anything in four or five sessions over a couple of weeks, When all the evidence vs Estrada has taken years to uncover and explain in court..

    To MLQ3.
    Last thung on having the Audio i am not sure but i am not going to broadcast this in the office loudly on my PC speakers. I will read it but not force this stuff down others ears..

  2. shades of fascism here in them court of last retort, i say. all witnesses are ‘friendly’ to their cause, and all their testimonies are presumed 100% true- even the opinions that are out of place anyways. it is endingup to what i thought its going to be- a show orchestrated by those who knows kangaroo courts best. they know who they are.

  3. I thought by leaving my computer an hour this section would have more comments.

    We always want something new…
    If we think its old music no i should not use old music for I still love them.
    Waht I meant was what was everybody expecting got themselves proven right as of now. As of now because something good might turn out and finally it got GMA’asattention and cooperation , for the life of me I have no idea how.
    The only thing the admin can do is allow this themr to make a fool of themselves for a while because one way or the other cooler and clearer heads will prevail.

    Again using myself as an example I make a fool of myself for a while then when I listen I get enlightened in a snap

    You see the good thing here is no street rallies for the whole week!

  4. Poor Kangaroo’s we keep hitting on them..

    They have rights too..

    Let them bounce along in peace in Australia not in courts..

  5. Having completed his analysis of half of the 10,000 election returns (ERs) in his possession, Tabayoyong has found out that 3,000 of such documents have serious defects and irregularities. The tampering, he added, indicated that the ERs were prepared under conditions that afforded the operators/manipulators the luxury of time and convenience of place

    Ok so he went throught 5000 returns so far with his microscope which would have take at least 30 minutes per document to look mark make comments take photo’s, Document into a file..

    So he has been working on this for how long?
    5000 x 30 / 60 = number of hrs
    /8 number of days
    He did not work all day he got raided and he was not there and he did not have the documents in his possession for a while.

    so min time to process this is 312.5 day not including holidays, sick days.. we know people only work about 220 days a year so

    312 / 220 = 1.4 Years???

    AH ha even if it took him 15 minutes a doc were still talking over more time than he had the documents in his possession…

    Working over 8 hrs a day looking in a microscope would have made him blind therefore either he is not telling the whole truth or he cannot see anymore thus the results are unreliable…

    Or did he have a bank of Specialists working for him..

    Come on the NBI cannot do this is the time he expects us to believe he did it in…

  6. Damn Iths always a hit and miss as far as giving opinions and guesses.

    I guessed that there won’t be street rallies but as I turned on the tv…surprise!

    125 wage hike ! remove oil proce deregulation law etc.

    Well at least I am correct on making a fool of myself…

    I am not alone.

    No patting on the back for me I am the one who stated that the quid pro quo in congress about wage wike for evat approval…. I just stated in but it was on the minds of others as well.

    Now the experts are saying that a bull run will happen and it would be 52 PHP to a 1 USD.
    It is a just tiis situation we wre always asking for the bite the bullet …we had it coming.

    But the oil dereg scrapping is just plain stupid and I won’t make any retractions on that!

    Let’s just make full use of the ethanolmagic for now and pray to god that the so called mafia at the napocor is just a figment of an imagination so at least we will have cheap power by this year..Oh its November.

  7. I have been reading back issues again as If I have not seen it before and I also read other blogs like DJB and since I am here most of the time chances are he will read some of my comments if it is intersting enough.

    Saying that beginning from our father’s generation our history books tought us communist ideas..I won’t speak for my father because my father was born in 37.

    Is this the root cause why there are always progressive movements and leftists now in the so called CCTA mixed with the people old enough not to be tainted by communist ideas.

    My said example of myself was different I inflicted the brain washing of Marx to myself maybe it was a rebel idea because I know my dad would not like it being in the military. As for the schools the books may be written by communists but the good thing our teachers were the old ones who will stick to their ideas and say that do not always believe in books.

    I blindly defended Marx in about two or three memorable arguments in the spread of elementary and high school its a good thing to practice Karate because it preached having an open mind (it ws just now that I am seeing the open mind benefit) or if not I would been one track minded and if I passed th UPcat not that it would be wrong to study there but with my mind set I could have easily become an activist.
    and another thing happened and I ended up in another school and then another.
    So it may be just as simple as having an open mind afterall rather than thinking that our generation were brainwahed by communist ideas by the books.
    Communism did not win not even in the minds of many.

    It will not win thanks to people like Pop John Paul II in his Centissimus Annus nad others there to remind us that there is no room for communism in this green earth.

  8. this court is a sure indication of the anti-gloria camp’s bankruptcy of ideas! my god, a kangaroo court set up by this supposed men of justice! is this the best they can do to offer hope to filipinos? they’re nothing but a bunch of power-hungry, egoistic, ultimately selfish little toads. what a waste of energy. with this new height of silliness, gloria will be dancing on their heads.

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