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Not much time for an entry. The following make for interesting reading: Tony Abaya on the Spy vs. Spy brouhaha; Dong Puno on the Venable deal; Bishop Bacani on Haydee Yorac; JB Baylon on the public’s real feelings about the President.

Finally, since tomorrow is September 21, and the Marcos era will be remembered, here’s my essay for PCIJ on what it all meant: part 1 and part 2.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. YEP must agree with your view of 2015 but is it not today..

    The Schooling was not a grounding in a way of life, it was a process to obtain certification for work in other lands, certificates obtained, incidentally, much more easily if cheating and bribery was involved.

    The system is broken, It needs to be fixed, and this includes the Church leaders and Politicians and public.

    Stand Back Look at it all. The Church has to fix its schools and its, Washing machine of a confesional..

    The Government Majority or Minority have to stand up and enforce laws from the ground up.

    Yes public this includes the Road Laws, The illegal houses, the Corruption.

    The courts have to Speed up, Dont allow for the criminals to stall the process, you get two arguments each and you have one week. No response no arguments later.

    ENFORCE the DEATH PENALTY if it is meant to be a penalty then use it.. All these woosie politicians who will not kill, Yet they send out troops to kill.


    JUST DO IT…………

  2. If Binay is really honest w/c i don’t think anyway he is. I hope he won’t use is mayorship in Makati as an advantage.
    I would like to believe that sana naman he can show some respect by not adding to the traffic and the dificulties already experienced by commuters particlarly in these rainy days.
    Why don’t they just go to the Makati colicium & do their screming & shouting there. Or are they just afraid no one will pay attention to them there cuz all things considered they are not worth paying attention too!!!!!!

  3. September 21 would be another day of bashing the favorite whipping boy old man Marcos, except that over time comparison appears less and less in favor of the whippers. His enemies, who will die his eternal enemies, should also reflect on their contribution to the mess that led Marcos to declare Martial Law. I will let history be his judge.

  4. joey, same thing can be said to mayor atienza who happens to use his mayorship to mobilize PLM and CCM students…

  5. very true gari…i was formerly a student at PLM…during the EDSA DOS period would you believe that we “WAS” the only institution that had classes and actually had exams (and i really meant that stupid grammar quotation in this sentence – a testament to the idiot professor that undertook that test)…it was under the order of the city government (and to definitely points out to the current liderato)…by the way sleeping with who – the current company slogan for NIKE is not “just do it” anymore (or so i think since i am a graduate of marketing and advertising) but has been replaced by “play”…same idea though

  6. Talking of the Mayors, and independence i saw this on PCIJ..

    Is SWS President Dr Mahar Mangahas related to Malou Mangahas member of the PCIJ board of editors,.

    FPJ and DR Mangahas (SWS) have a blood relationship

    Interesting thought…

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