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  1. speakingof equal rights:

    i believe in equal rights… to say otherwise and my wife will beat the crap out of me.

    but there are something, uhm, unequal about equal rights- its just funny how women will bark at so-called glass ceilings and such, but they still expect you to drive them around and pay for lunch! hahahaha!

    a stand-up male comedian recently said it like this: ‘you know why we get paid more than the women? its because if by some luck we’re on the titanic, they get to ride the rubber boats with the kids while we have to stay behind!”


  2. Acidboy lol!

    truth to the matter is there is no such thing as equal rights. as acidboy puts it what if a girlfriend raped me will I get to put that lady to jail? or she beat the crap out of me can I charge her for physical injury?

    Women demands more out of men but when the men demands more out of their women they get nothing.

    so para sa mga women jan. someone said the ratio of Women and Men here in the philippines is 4:1. 😀



    i take my hat off to democracy for we are equals….

    at last! females can pee standing like men after all, we are now EQUALS, YES!


  4. does a wommen president have a right to use all means to defend herself w/o being accused of obstructing justice?
    Is there a difference between having a man or a women president?
    in a very male dominated macho society

  5. I guess things get a bit slow when GMA is out of the country.

    Since we’re on the topic of women, check out Yulia Tymoshenko here:


    She’s one fetching woman leader. She’s supposed to be intelligent and a self-made businesswoman who became one of Ukraine’s wealthiest industrialists. Too bad she was fired as Prime Minister just a few days ago. When she was once asked what magazine she would most like to come out in the cover of, she jokingly replied: Playboy!

  6. Manolo,

    Women’s suffrage was granted in Pinas earlier than the Kanos, di ba? That way, your lolo was more progressive than Roosevelt.

    FYI for everyone: Anvil will be publishing the MA thesis of Prof. Leonora Angeles (formerly of UP polisci now with U of Vancouver) which is a history of the women’s movement up to 1986. Abangan….

  7. Manolo:

    I just saw on HBO a while ago “Iron Jawed Angels,” about Alice Paul and her followers – exceptional women of brains, courage and determination.

  8. Women in the philippines seem to work harder and better than the men in my experience..

    Dont give them equal if they walk in for an interview having the female sex they always get a point up on the guys.. (Guys think too much about sex…)

    Watch who you are alligned with as i have mentioned before. When the shit hits the fan it starts flying about and hits everyone..

    MQ3 keep your head down and straight as you have been and I think you will be the only one able to run for president next time. I like your presence of mind and i dont think you deserve to get caught up in political mud slinging..

    In November 2000, at the height of street protests triggered by allegations that Estrada received “jueteng” payola, Aquino and police Superintendent Cesar Mancao were implicated by Superintendent Glenn Dumlao in the abduction and murder Dacer and Corbito.

    Lacson on Wednesday admitted receiving information from Aquino.

    Also on Thursday, opposition Sen. Aquilino Pimentel revealed that he exchanged electronic mails (e-mails) with Aquino two of weeks ago.

    History comes back to haunt some people..

  9. Timely occasion, I ‘d say, for today, the first ever woman head of state presided over the UN Security Council meeting.

  10. Sept 15 marks the day where women were given the vote . . . .same day is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

  11. Someone said the ratio of Women and Men here in the philippines is 4:1. I think its higher. Man is an endangered specie. What about homosexuals? (mas maraming lalake na nagiging bakla in this century)— they are now considered part of the female population.

  12. RE: ratio of men to women

    This has been the erroneous belief of many people that there are more women than men in the Philippines.Justification to engage in illicit affairs.

    When in doubt check the statistics.

    There was no year when women exceeded the number of men.

    Up to age bracket of 50-54, the men are still more in number than the women.

    After this age bracket, the number of women increases more than the men up to age 80.

    Interpretation: Women have longer life span than men because basically they are stronger emotionally.

    According to study, men tend to resort to alcohol or to the extreme commit suicide when depressed. Women just go to their friends or do shopping until they drop.

    Mabuhay ang mga kababaihan.

    source of data:


  13. Interesting Trivia: Wyoming, also known as the Cowboy State, passed a bill giving women the right to vote in 1869. During their campaign for statehood in 1890, the US Congress almost held back approval cause they were against suffrage. Wyoming never took it back though and they elected the first woman governor of the US in 1924.

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