Stand up, be counted!

Greetings of PEACE!

As you are very well aware of, the recent developments in Congress related to the on-going impeachment case of the President have reached a point where we are now all challenged to come together and reaffirm our resolve to search for the truth.

We would like to bring all political parties and middle forces who stand on the side of truth for a multi-faith gathering at La Salle Green Hills today, Friday, 2 September. The gathering, “Bukluran para sa Katotohanan,” will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the school grounds. We intend the gathering to be a venue for a broad coalition of various groups to come together in faith and support each other during this critical time.

The gathering will be hosted by the De La Salle Brothers and will try to bring in a wide spectrum of political parties, middle forces, NGOs, and students. We have invited the Hyatt 10 and all the members of Congress who have signed the impeachment complaint. You would be pleased to know that Mrs. Corazon Aquino has confirmed her attendance to the event.

I realize that this invitation is really on very short notice but I do hope that we can invite you to join us during this occasion. I am convinced that this is a critical juncture in our history and we would need to find support and strength in all those who sincerely search for the truth.

On behalf of the De La Salle Brothers, I pray that you would continue to be a beacon of hope for our nation and an active participant in this cause, as I remain,

Fraternally yours,

Br. Armin Luistro FSC
De La Salle University System

La Salle Green Hills. Tonight. 7:30. Be there. It’s open to all. Be heard. Be present. Be unafraid.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

13 thoughts on “Stand up, be counted!

  1. oppppsss…sorry about that! wrong click.

    …and pray that the leaders of our Nation finally see the Light and do good.


  2. un..effing believable……
    right in the middle of the coverage, on radio and on tv of the La Salle event, it was announced that the prez was going to have an announcement. i thought she would fast track the impeachment to the senate. yah….right….

    instead we had another episode of “G.M.A. All The Way!” She should really just get Jojo A. to host these things and just have him interview her. Unleashing two of the most notorious laughs ever to attack our ears. Well at least Jojo A. would be entertaining.

    Really no limit as to how low they would go to hog the limelight. hay naku to the 100000th power.

  3. I just wish Dinky Soliman wouldn’t try to be so ubiquitous. Her cloying presense, with her “baduy” pseudo-ethnic attire, is like a breathe of halitosis. She seems to be cuddling up to Susan Roces, much like she sucked up to GMA when it was opportune. Susan Roces should avoid her like bad karma.

  4. sorry about what is happening now. but i think the middle class is the most unreliable ally if one is engaged in a struggle.the middle class will always play deaf and dumb as long as their high paying jobs and priveleged postions are not in danger. lawyers, doctors, middle managers, high paying journalists. do you still think that they will vere move now. for 15 years, marcos was messing up this nation but where is the middle class then.there busy earning money in cahoots with their upper class bosses. wht is happening now is not new. how about the time of erap? i am sorry. but the middle class then, licking its wpunds after outvoted by the masa, was so piqued enough to be enraged by the juteng scandal not out of morality, or secondary due to it, and came out in the thousands shuoting for change.
    but now fort GMA. di katalo. they are of the same mold. i am sorry.

  5. all great and scuccessful revolutions were amde possible by either the elite or the underpriveleged, in some cases both of them.
    talk of american revolution, the elite of the colonies could not stomach anymore being ruled by England so thye revolted. the Bolshevik revoltion was basically run by the elite, who have embraced marxism, with the working class providing the warm bodies, so with the Chinese revolution. why i am saying this. because some people tend to believe that this middle class will rise up to oust this illegal preidency. i am sorry. the middle class will always be like that. right at the middle. better go to rockwell or the fort. or boracay. or surf the internet. middle class? i am sorry.

  6. It’s weird, but quite a while back, they’ve started classifying middle class into ‘lower’ middle class, ‘middle’ middle class, and ‘upper’ middle class. I think that for the past couple of decades, the middle class have been becoming underprivileged in droves.

    The interesting question is this — how long before there are enough underprivileged former middle class people who are willing to change the system?

  7. which tabloid?
    i missed the tabloid’s name. but the street vendor was bandying it. ‘abante’ probably.
    right about noontime today while i was driving.

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