Scrambling for the story

Yesterday’s events kept going late into the night. Newsstand attended and has a flurry of reports: the full Hyatt 10 statement; then some notes on variations in their recollections; then the terse response of Sec. Rick Saludo to the Hyatt 10 press conference (which Dinky Soliman insists was a forum). The proceedings at the House were closely covered by Miron in his inimitable style (though, alas, he was in a meeting during the walkout), while Newsboy, who seems to have been at the House, has his own blow-by-blow account and some remarkable eavesdropping tid-bits. He suggests rather than trashing the Lozano complaint on form, it will be trashed on the basis of lack of substance.

PCIJ has the opposition lawmaker’s reactions and that of the opposition legal team (featuring Harry Roque, who I keep thinking of as the kind of lawyer who writes collection letters, as one society person informed me apropos of Roque’s sending her a letter to collect veterinary fees for a dog that died).

Carlos Conde provides, as always, a good summary of events. Jove, who covered the Palace counterattack prior to the walkout, also has a source who sent him impressions on the opposition gathering at Italliani’s in Megamall (asking his Deep Penetration Agent to describe the body language, then the eye language of the oppositionists, Jove’s source said, “malamlam,” or “droopy.”) , while a source told me the administration (or the Kampi part of it, anyway) held an impromptu meeting at Ronnie Puno’s Greenmeadows subdividision home.

As of late last night, I was told the opposition still lacks the necessary signatures, and that contrary, perhaps, to administration expectations, there don’t seem to be plans to bring this to the streets (despite being egged on by militants).

Early morning TV has Dinky Soliman on Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas immediately followed by Sec. Gabby Claudio. She said, he said.

In the blogosphere, there were strong reactions to the events, principally the opposition walk-out. Edwin Lacierda thinks there’s still the chance 79 signatures will be reached, and that if they are, it goes straight to the senate. If those signatures are indeed collected, Rep. Zamora said last night they’d have them verified by the House Secretary-General. What’s verification? Punzi answers the question (and takes a dig at Rep. Lagman’s claim that the Lozano complaint has been “virtually verified”).

Sassy Lawyers has two lengthy entries: one focusing on verification, the other analyzing the walkout, suggesting the game’s lost for lack of properly focusing on the legal strategy rather than hogging the media limelight. JJ Disini characterizes the walkout as one leading to defeat.

Gari is despondent over events. Paeng is furious. Go Figure takes a look at what he says are uninformative statements by politicians on the oil crisis; Pulitika looks at what he calls the “political boom-bust cycle”;

The administration blog as been renamed Rational Sphere.

The punditocracy comments as follows: the Inquirer editorial takes a dim view of the Hyatt 10; Malaya says impeachment is dead; Conrado de Quiros declares “the rule of law” as the catch phrase of those violating the law; Doubts Raised Over Current US Strategy in Iraq is my Arab News column for this week.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “Scrambling for the story

  1. it is very much anticipated to what extent GMA and cohorts would and will desperately do just to stay in malacañang.

    lozano’s move was preempted well planned a repetition to save GMA’s ass when she was still vice pres.

    the opposition should/must have known.

    GMA is simply one step ahead, with all the fuss seen and read about the opposition better come up with the 79 votes.

    the opposition should simply get/put their act together and stop their yakking.

  2. Manolo, your link to my tambayan is wrong. :p anyway, how i wish i was able to watch today’s proceedings. may klase kasi, kainis…

  3. my weirdest memory of Harry Roque (who incidentally went to the same HS i did) was the condition of the interior of his car.

    I worked (very, very briefly) for ex-Sen. Lorna Verano-Yap (of the lambada fame) in the early 90s -the same time as Harry, and one time had to use his car for an office chore — to say that it was a mess (papers, food wrappers, etc.) is an understatement.

    which is not to say that Harry isn’t a good lawyer. just that he has an unbelievably messy car.

    (sorry, am not nitpicking – just remembering a weird detail from over a decade ago)

  4. the sad thing about PINOY politics today is that they suck at the numbers game (or numbers for that matter)…magbibilang lang ng numero ng boto mali mali pa hahaha…mamaya gamitin pa ni GMA yung kunwaring “70+” as a scam for the impeachment voting, tapos “magpapagawa” siya ng tape na ang laman kundi si Rep Suplico (i love how this guy triteness in the simplest sense – swearing kasama na) ay si Ms Soliman (with the cha cha theme song on the background)…and of course, since it is administration they’ll get the best sound engineers possible to prove that “tape” to be genuine – yung technical people ni defunct pres=wannabee Eddie Gil

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