Last Friday, Cory Aquino went to see Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, incoming head of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference. Both Cory and the bishops are said to be concerned over rumors the impeachment process will be derailed this week.

Tomorrow, it’s said that Susan Roces will make an appeal for the impeachment process to continue. This comes at the heels of expectations among opposition lawmakers that they may be able to achieve the magic number of 79 signatures by next week. There are hopes she might be joined by Cory Aquino, but the talk of such a thing happening seems more along the lines of wishful thinking.

After all, a case has already been filed (or so a lawyer told me) before the Supreme Court, to throw out the impeachment complaint. Refer back to my previous post on alarming trends. Anyway, it seems a big crowd will materialize at the House of Representatives on Tuesday and Wednesday… just in case.

Updates (5:40 p.m.): a source close to the House says the majority has no such news, and doubts the impeachment would be killed this early on. “The Speaker needs the impeachment to blackmail the President,” the source suggests. Source wondered if, perhaps, the opposition is getting desperate and points out that angle needs to be considered. A media colleague says that talk of the impeachment being killed is coming only from the opposition, while majority members seem to be digging in for long debates (or slogging it out in the Supreme Court).

Manuel L. Quezon III.

10 thoughts on “Movements?

  1. things do appear to be taking an alarming turn, what with both camps taking more and more desperate measures to win this “mock battle”.

    iron mike (taga-plantsa ni gloria) is now taking a lot of heat for that friday presscon with barry dickey disavowing the statements attributed to him. i don’t like it. it only means we can expect to see more “cornered rat” behavior…

  2. Lets face it, majority of the congressmen are not willing to impeach Gloria. The opposition don’t get the 79 signatures.

    If that’s the case, then the pro-GMA congressmen can prolong the impeachment proceeding until the new constitution is passed and God knows who will be interested in the impeachment when that happen.

    Mike is already making his riculous move of scrutinizing the tape. If the administration will require it during the proceeding then I don’t know how many months will it take. Remember, our politicians are experts of delaying proceedings not favorable to their interest.

    I hope this will not result to another rally. The economy is too fragile for another chaos to happen.

  3. I surely wish that the Supreme Court could wrestle the Congress into pursuing the impeachment proceeding because the truth deserves the crucible of a full-blown trial and the public deserves the truth. And yet, I am pessimistic about this since precedents seem to negate the interference of our highest court in what could be a purely political question now brimming in the Lower House.

  4. move and counter move, with impeachment complaints filed in congress, malacañang moves to delay the process yet it announces the formation of its vaunted legal team but to make sure impeachment is further delayed a case(if true) has been filed at the supreme court to challenge the impeachment.

    meanwhile former pres. cory, sen. drilon drop by archbishop lagdameo’s place in jaro, iloilo city for a “friendly visit”.

    as GMA’s, “wet mouthed piece” goes on the media offensive to discredit the garci tapes, CBCP is on the news “they want to see the impeachment process to prosper”.

    the (mock)battle, is in congress the tempting millions promised for those who would not sign and the millions more if one were to retract his/her support to the impeachment.

    in desperation GMA and co. will resort to extra legal means just to hang on to power if this happens….

  5. friends from impeachment watch says that more likely it will be quash tomorrow and they are asking friends to go the house of representative.

    congw. risa and etta says that the pro-impeachment congresspeople would be able to go overboard the humps and make the impeachment reach where it is destination.

    well, they are optimistic. divine intevention na lang. 🙂

  6. In the meantime…

    -the government is bankrupt,
    -there’s no money to upgrade roads, schools, bridges, hospitals,
    -agriculutural products can’t compete with cheap imports,
    -poor families keep making more babies,
    -crimes of poverty are on the rise,
    -pollution is getting worse,
    -Muslim and Communist insurgency is still not contained,
    -the country couldn’t attract enough foreign investments,

    Thanks to our OFW’s their keeping our economy afloat. Ramos is right the legislature should be working 16 hour days to iron our legislation to solve the above problems. And the president couldn’t get the the lawmakers in line to make laws that would patch up those problems. This impeachment process should be over and done with and we should get back to solving the important problems of the day

  7. Har…and the government of anyone else who would succeed GMA for that matter. His excellency’s point is well taken. Whining and consuming ourselves with GMA’s impeachment hasn’t been productive and, meanwhile, we have all these grave problems that his excellency has pointed out that need everyone’s, especially our leaders’, attention NOW. We all need to unite to address these problems and put our politics aside. That would be a start.

  8. Re: Con-Ass

    For me Con-Ass means Congressional Assholes! Assholes are those that make a flawed system, undermine it for their own enrichment and political survival as well.

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