Still breathing

Friday was the beginning of a low-grade fever made worse by my computer dying on me (corrupted system! the system is corrupt! a metaphor for our lives!), and appearing on Y Speak then ANC despite the fever not going away, plus staying up late to visit Raul Roco’s wake.

The blogosphere and all Philippine media has been focusing on Roco; my column today was on him, too: A Minority of Many.

My speech at the iBlog Mini-Summit has been recorded for posterity here: the entire program is here. It seems I say “uhm” a lot.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

28 thoughts on “Still breathing

  1. get well soon, mlq3!
    read your column on RSR
    and saw you at YSpeak…
    well, i think, the president’s
    make over is a short term remedy
    for her and indeed buy her time
    with the fact that “survey” shows
    that her trust rating is, a little
    bit, up. 🙂

  2. As my mother would say take a lot of liquids,especially calamansi juice. I would say watch a couple of comedy movies. Take care. 🙂

  3. how nice of you to write abount RSR. how long shall we wait before another leader like him rises. i hope it is soon, i am getting desperate now and i am now having thoughts of leaving our forsaken land

  4. Great Fan.

    What’s your grandfather’s view on Electoral College then? The “Great Debate” is said to be on.

    Proponents including myself would support an Electoral College to replace Comelec. We could have had Roco as President.

  5. manolo get well soon. take more liquids (but man dont drink soda) i also got a fever 2 days ago and it seems crying made me feel good maybe you should try that too! yeah sometimes crying like a baby can work miracles on the body.

    and also with your system getting corrupted get an anti virus or better yet some back up tool like deepfreeze or acronis true image. It will get your system up and running after restart. or if youre using mac get somebody to install linux in it.

    Roco is a great man but his greatness was not enough. I bet lots of people admire him but didint vote for him because they thought their vote is wasted so they voted for gma instead. Thats the mentally last election. Ask de quiros about it and he will tell you it is so.

    hmmp mga pinoy nga naman naalala lang ang isang tao pag patay na. 🙁

  6. Interesting talk Manolo and I take off my hat for the line you made on the sand. Get well and hope you like our book (also, I got Cullather’s book today and looking forward to reading it. Muchas gracias!)

  7. whew … glad to know you’re ok.

    my excitement in waiting for your article on RSR was satisfied and more! i knew you’ll come up with another master piece when i discovered in your CV that you used to work with him.

    after the elections i would see Sen Roco during mass at De La Strada when he was still up and about. on one occasion, as i was queuing for communion, i gave him a respectful nod as he was walking back to his seat. when he saw this he gave me fatherly pat on my shoulder – he doesn’t know me from adam. That pat meant more than when i had a chance to shake the hand of GMA at Mt. Carmel Church during the special mass for peace at the height of the “people power III”

    they do die young, don’t they

  8. get well soon mlq3

    to help you recover, take 1 megadose of vitamin C, (equivalent to 1000mg)…
    if you hate calamansi juice, there’s always orange soda…(RTO)…the bubbles from the CO2 will help ease your throat, if you have sore throat.

    keep on writing.

  9. get well,mlq. blogosphere slightly off-orbit without you. i haven’t been feeling well too and haven’t posted in days. but will blog on
    and yes! get a mac!

  10. zerline: thanks, i really felt like crap.

    gari: her makeover is working, but how many makeovers will she have?

    Myles: I’m a Mac user! Have been for ages! That’s why I got so upset Tiger got corrupted!

    Juned: Thanks, I didn’t even get to watch much tv!
    slim whale: many thanks.

    fandong: RSR was a good man. Don’t give up. But look after yourself, too.

    R.: The eulogy, the obituary, is an art form, a particular type of essay that’s hard to write, but very satisfying. The old Free Press specialized in that kind of writing, and I was urged to pick up the skill.

    Luke: I don’t believe an electoral college was ever an option then, or even now. I don’t think limiting suffrage is an option. We had limited suffrage in the hope we’d progress; we haven’t progressed, so we have what we have.

    Ed: I’m a Mac user, but apparrently even OSX gets corrupted sometimes! Your appreciation of why RSR did worse the 2nd time around is spot on.

    beatburn: thanks.

    Jojo: I’m glad you got the book!!! Will be reviewing yours when I have the chance. When will there be a Philippine edition?

    Kulas: Yes they do, I went to the wake and I kept saying to myself, “the people here have the supreme vindication of never regretting their vote.”

    nina: ascorbic acid gives me acidity, but i try.

    miron: Nick Joaquin wrote that in August, people feel crappy. It’s been a crappy month so far.

  11. mlq3, i think, she will need it more especially if she resigns or be ousted…what else would she be thinking of except trying to make Big Mike happy and have a quality life being beautiful…the best reward she can get for being a “scandalous” president. 🙂

    anyway, more than the choreographed “physical” makeover, i think her image projection must be substantiated by MASSIVE re-orientation of her own beliefs…

    MASSIVE in terms of overhauling her judgement calls [which is cultural], stop dragging “god” in her major decisions [because god does not want us to suffer as badly as we are suffering if we really believed in god], her political/economic dispositions and of course, her entire values system.

    On the other hand, maybe its the Filipino people’s adherence to “personality” and “sexist stereotyping” requires more make-over.

    Bottomline: we are still politically immature and our common sense are becoming rare. *sigh*

  12. gari, you know, every time i’m willing to concede she’s made it, something happens to make me stick to my original view she’s doomed.

    her’es a heretical thought. what if the public is both wiser and more prudent than we think? after all, the public doesn’t like her, but it wants to stick to due process…

  13. mlq3, everyone almost “thinks” that she is doomed but don’t “believe” yet that it is time for her to go down…its a matter of time [which obviously favors her at this round]

    i “think” and “feel” that it is not the political weight of the scandal — the gloriagate and juetengate–who’ll deliver the doomsday scenario…

    i think it’s more of the weight of the economic backlash [or when the dollar to peso reaches Ph P 60].

    i believe that the “argentina-like” scenario, the “junta”, the “revolutionary” and the “uncertainties” makes the public sticks on due process…

    personally, i had my own 6 signals for a doomsday scenario:

    1. betrayal of fvr and jdv;
    [biruan nga, kung may kumausap lang sana kay fvr from the opposition, eh di sana walang savior si gloria.]

    2. the alternative face
    [as of the moment, if you notice, susan roces’ impact ay halos kapantay ng isang political bloc and susan is not identifying herself with traditional politicians like uno];

    3. the mindanao decision
    [of course, the mnlf/milf factor should be counted. the armm election is peacefully abnormal, which means it can’t be a catalyst.]

    4. the unity of the opposition
    [partially, gloria survived because all anti-gloria is stucked in a moment and they are not fixing their acts together]

    5. the so-called middle force
    [the thinking people. of course, anti-gloria forces should admit that they are not capturing the imagination of this group]

    6. the military
    [well, the afp remains neutral at this point in time but dynamics will change when the current chief of staff has been replaced. we don’t know yet.]

    i think, there is no fulcrum yet to where everyone can gravitate towards creating the doomsday.

  14. mlq,
    1. i saw you in Y speak with Doris. The topic was not thoroughly discussed by the panel. So emotional, these students.

    2. my president died.

    3. witnesses are now the leading actors in the play. I hope there is a WETNESS protection
    program. Nababasa ang mga papel nila kaagad.

  15. cat, that was really an emotional one. umaabot pala jan sa estets ang y ishpek?

    the wake for rsr was very sad.

    the wetnesses are making us tired of wetting.

  16. Hello Manolo. Get well soon. Now I know why your blog was a little quiet for the past few days. I agree that Raul Roco’s passing made us all reflect on how he touched us. As I blogged about it, then did I only realized that a lot of the lessons learned I have now, in terms of lobbying, came from him.

  17. mlq,

    OT again.

    oh yes but i hate the sched. i have to wait for the replay that is too early for us in the West Coast.

    tapos meron ng GMA7. I am just waiting for my friend to give me a feedback if it is worth to subscribe to another Filipino channel.

    BTW, my friends sed, bata ka pa raw. And all the while, they were thinking of mlqjr, your father.
    di kasi maglagay ng pic sa blog. hehehe

    your avatar is too small. it reminds me someone’s photo.

  18. janette -is lobbying a developed industry or practice here? interesting yan ha. dapat magsulat ka ng guide for lobbyists.

    cat -everyone thinks i’m 150 years old. and yes, people keep calling me nonong, which was my dad’s nickname.

  19. Hahaha. Why indeed are you at your best when someone prominent kicks the bucket? I still recall your appreciation of Ramon Mitra’s life. Best ever onthe guy. And now Roco’s. Galing!

  20. MichaelJosh: It’s good to be missed!

    F: You know, I’d even forgotten about that piece, and in fact, I dont even have it among my files. I guess I really set about specializing in that kind of writing, it appeals to the morbid in me.

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