An Apparent Consensus

Not much of an entry today. Spent my morning at the iBlog Mini Summit. Most of the afternoon was eaten up by a lengthy interview for a British-American documentary on People Power. Too tired to write.

My Arab News column for this week reprints my views on a Sixth Republic. My Inquirer column today is An Apparent Consensus.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

6 thoughts on “An Apparent Consensus

  1. Hi Manolo,
    Nakakalungkot at nakakapanghinayang. Raul Roco passed away. He would have been a very good prsident. Unfortunately, di lang nadadaya ang sistema ng eleksyon, pati mga tao na bumuboto, very immature pa.

  2. manolo

    whats happening to you? medyo madalang na ang update mo sa blog mo. Are you down with the weather again? or are you experiencing PLDT’s mess again ( no dial tone or internet)?

    sayang talaga si Roco. He is a good man. He tried to reform DECS and he almost succeeded, bad trip lang talaga ang mga natamaan na kurakot. He could had been a very good president. I have a new nickname for the man. He is now called ” A man who could had save us all ”

    Meron yung feeling dati nung eleksyon na masasayang lang boto sa kanya cos matatalo din. 2 types of voter lang naman nun eh. Yung isa kay GMA dahil maraming nag aakala na baka tumulad lang si FPJ kay erap. Yung pangalawa ay yung kay FPJ. na punta sa sideline sina roco,villanueva,lacson, Eddie Gil.

  3. mlq3,

    i also hope that you’re ok. you use to even have 2 or 3 entries in your site in a day. now your last entey was thursday pa.

    take it easy.

    who can ever replace Senator Roco. i always thought that he was the clone of Ninoy in so many ways. nawawala na ang mga magagaling at mabuti sa ating bayan.

  4. where’s the update…hmmm…server down or sick or maybe your mac or your gadget broke down. anyway, hope things are okay. 🙂

    RSR passed away but his memory will best be remembered by a commitment to fight what is just and right. 🙂

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