Weekend amusement

Gosh, department: thanks to GMA Pinoy TV for featuring my blog.

And did you know, the doctored wiretapped conversation was really between former President Estrada and Didagen Dilangalen? Yes! It went like this…

Estrada: Hello.

Male: Shut up!

Estrada: Hello!

Male: Shut up!

Estrada: Saan ka na?

Male: Shut up!

Estrada: Uhm, bakit?

Male: Shut up!

Estrada: Ano? Ano?

Male: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Estrada: Ah, ganon?

Male: Shut up!

Estrada: Uhm…

Male: Shut up! Shut up!

Estrada: Ok, ok, sige…

Just kidding, folks. Happy weekend.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

17 thoughts on “Weekend amusement

  1. Hello, looking at Philippine news through our favorite columnists eyes. I couldn’t help noticing how phallic your website look is. Have you and the bishops been having a progressive dialogue after you gave them a stern admonition and they did not heed your call for prudence?

    Oh, we were evacuated from the Embarkment tube today on our way to Leicester Square. All very dramatic.

  2. C & J: Indeed, the pototoy of the Angel led to soe lewd comments, but the artist assured me it was merely the vestigial remnants of a wing; a new image was created, but hasn’t been uploaded.

  3. KEWL! i thought it was for real at first though…but anyway, everybody needs a break from all the political melodrama we’re having, isn’t it?

  4. Please LEARN to spell Digs’ first and last name correctly before you pick on him. How would you feel if i spelt your surname “QUIZON”??

  5. manolo, now that’s excellent spelling! thanks for correcting digs’ full name.

  6. hehehe so you needed the respite too. can’t blame you. this whole gloriagate business can be a real emotional baggage.

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