Truth Commission members proposed

Just when everyone had forgotten about the proposed Truth Commission (impeachment being the name of the game), the Bishops’ Businessmen’s Conference held a Polo Club press conference and put forward the following names: former Comelec chairman Christian Monsod, retired justice Isagani Cruz, Michael Mastura, Fr. Joaquin Bernas, Ramon Farolan, Randy David, and lawyer Romeo Capulong, as potential members.

Meanwhile, in another press conference, Teresita Deles says still more cabinet members will resign. I don’t know how productive such a statement is: it could frighten those planning to resign into not resigning; it could provoke a witch hunt in the Palace or counter-lobbying or even a new round of pre-emptive dismissals.

Jove suggests the President is pleased at punch with her consolidation of support, but Torn and Frayed wonders if using the word “disaster” isn’t a bad sign. But Newsstand, after recalculating the dates, points out the Supreme Court may fortuitously come up with a decision on the VAT law coinciding with the President’s state of the nation address.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

8 thoughts on “Truth Commission members proposed

  1. The TruthCom should be created by the government, otherwise they will not have any judicial powers that will be necessary to subpoena, investigate, and with finality decide and if ever recommend for prosecution if indeed crimes were committed without the shadow of a doubt.

  2. I have high regard for Prof. Randy David, but he might already have formed conclusions about what the truth is which may affect his impartiality. After all of his columns and TV interviews, it’s hard to imagine that he can still go either way – “convict” or “acquit” the President.

  3. boyet, there’s a move in the house to pass a law establishing the commission, but with a focus on the election results and not the tapes.

    damparrow: fr. bernas and r. david are for resignation; christian monsod has said the garci conversations are not impeachable… so yes, i think the truth commission moves have come a little late.

  4. actually i think fr. bernas’ position is slightly more nuanced, at least based on a forum i attended at ateneo law school at which he was the main speaker.

    he says that he’s calling for her resignation although he doesn’t really expect her to resign, or indeed even want her to (“god help us if she does”). what he does want is the call for resignation to spread so that the administration is forced to enact real, lasting reforms that will finally move our country forward.

  5. Atty Capulong was here in HK as a guest of an NGO this week, and he stated his position that the GMA/Noli Govt. should not be allowed to continue, and that he favors a transitional govt. something which he frankly said, he was not quite clear as to who would compose it.

  6. aminin na natin kahit ano pa mangyari dyan sa mga pinaggagawa at que anong kumisyon e sigurado alang patutunguhan ang iyan…ang mahirap lalong humihirap and mayaman lalong yumayaman….sa tanda kong ito isa lang masasabi ko…ala pa ako nakilala na tapat na KAPAMPANGAN…ala pa….isa na yang presidente na di naman dapat nandyan sa puesto…kawawa naman ang bansang pilipinas…

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