Speaker: All aboard Charter Change express!

17 out of 20 political parties in a consultative assembly chaired by the Speaker of the House, met for four hours and came up with the following resolutions:

1. Best solution to crisis lies within the Constitution.
2. We uphold the Constitution and condemn insurrection, rebellion, subversion.
3. Recommend the immediate revision of the Constitution.
4. Pledge to uphold reforms toward modernization.
5. Call for the complete overhaul of the Commission on Elections.

Their immediate agenda:

To move, upon the opening of Congress, to pass motions convening Congress as a Constituent Assembly.

Upon motion of Rep. Zubiri, to put together a committee of 9, composed of senators and congressmen, to develop constitutional framework and have consultations with the public.

To include the above in the President’s state of the nation address.

Jolly video of the Speaker with Sen. Angara, Mayor Atienza, Rep. Locsin and other happy warriors. Speaker ecstatic over participation of Juan Ponce Enrile and Senator Angara, and Liberal Party Rep. Andaya, as well as Nacionalista, Kampi, Nationalist People’s Coalition parties. The Speaker, wiggling his eyebrows: “If we want to overcome Malaysia in ten years, if we want to achieve tiger economy status, we must change the system! Look at Europe! Our OCW’s see how parliamentary government works!”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

23 thoughts on “Speaker: All aboard Charter Change express!

  1. I am ambivalent with regards to this whole charter change business:

    The good — people elect representatives, reps elect the prime minister, prime minister forms government. One ship moving in one direction. Great. Celebs can no longer exploit their national presence to gain positions in government (unless they can convince a local community that they are the best choice)

    The bad — one ship moving in one direction so what happens to checks and balances? Plus, can we trust the folks who are in congress right now to rewrite the constitution in a way that would favor the people? More importantly, most of the current cast of characters will most likely re-emerge as members of parliament. So, are we going to get more of the same?

    I’m suspicious of the motives of these people. The presidential system of government is a convenient whipping boy for all of these members of the elite. Makes it easy for all to look past the composition of the congress as a possible reason for the Philippine’s problems.

  2. Amidst the calls to respect the constitution, uphold the constitution, not to go beyond the bounds of constitution, etc…the end all solution for these Trapos after all is to change the constitution! They contend that the best solution to the crisis is the Constitution, that is why they wanted to change it? This simply defies elementary logic. They wanted us to uphold the present constitution but at the same time they wanted to change it. To think that what they would like to change are not only the spelling or grammar of the present Constitution but its very nature. Shifting the form of government to Parliamentary needs a totally new constitution. This is not a solution to the present political crisis as what they wanted us to believe. This is simply another opportunist coup that uses the present political crisis as staging ground for their political schemes.

  3. I have no problem with charter change as long as it is not rushed and become another one example of what verbosity is all about. On the other hand, I have grave reservatons with GMA, the cause of the present instability herself, being tasked to preside over the writing of new charter. A Constitution especially constructed to give her a graceful exit, does not sound to me too inspiring.

  4. I dread choreographed shows of support for political reform, especially if the cast members are typecast old actors. The usual suspects are at it yet I’ve seen too much to care too much.

  5. A parliamentary form of government has its merits, and I think that it could be beneficial to the country, but in an overheated political atmosphere, with the familiar faces, how sure are people that genuine political reform will indeed take place? How accountable will it be? In the long term, will any change of the present govt. set up really create genuine political reform, or will our familiar cast of characters just perpetuate themselve ad nauseum, having taken this opportune moment to strike?

  6. Can this runaway train be stopped?
    By the Senate perhaps, presuming
    opposition control.

  7. South Korea and Taiwan works because they also dont have assholes like trapos. Man those countries used to beg stuff from us. I dont know what happened 🙁

    I remember my grandpa used to tell me KINAIINGITAN tayo. now kinakaawaan na tayo

    If we really want to change let us get rid the anays first.

  8. ED:
    i agree with you, we have to get rid of all these termites who have been eating away at the woodwork of our nation,


    who is the exterminator that we should call to get rid of these pests ?

  9. there’s no need for me to read what the proponents are saying regarding this constitution change.

    just look at their faces and who they are. you can’t TRUST what they say, their motives, much less TRUST them with our constitution!

  10. The shift to parliamentary as pushed by FVR-JDV-Lakas, etc. is a desperate attempt on the part of trapos to regain control of national politics. JDV’s disastrous presidential campaign in 1998 and Gloria’s present debacle have made them see the writing on the wall.Celebrity now trumps machinery.

    The irony is that for all the talk about reform, a parliamentary form of government wil place national executive power directly in the hands of the most reactionary section of the ruling elite–i.e., the landlord class that will surely dominate such a body aand for whom genuine reform or modernization is anathema.

  11. JDV taking advantage of the confusion brought about by Garci tapes to unveil his pet project. Unfortunately, he’s not the only trapo there.

    They’re acting as if they are doing something to remedy the ongoing crisis but actually they are setting up the stage for a new kind ballgame which they will still be the winners.

  12. I agree to amend the constitution from presidential to parliamentary form of government because the opposition couldn’t stop these power grabbing, impeachment, and such woes to oust President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I’m in favor to amend the Executive Department…a President shall be qualified must be strictly finished their courses and Master’s Degree, not dropout in High School and College. New faces of politicos must be screened their backgrounds to avoid conflict of interest. “Tigilan na ang mga trapo na nakikita sa telebisyon na walang ginawa na puro pagpopogi ng mga lalaki at pagpapakulorete ng mga babaeng pulitiko na wala namang kakayahang mamuno sa bansa!”

    The reason of the opposition groups want to terminate Arroyo’s power was the effect of “Crab Mentality.” This is the “mother cancer” of all the people here in Metro Manila that the opposition was the behind to pull down the president especially in economic and political reforms. Crab mentality is terminally ill for the people. “Kaya hindi tayo umaasenso ang bansa natin dahil sa mga paninira ng mga oposisyon na hanggang ngayon ay nagkakawatak-watak! Mga masa lang ba ang nakikinabang ng mga pulitiko? Paano ang mga middle classes na nagbabayad ng buwis na sila ang nagpapakahirap dito? Perwisyo kasi ang mga squatters at ang mga nag-iingay na hindi naman sila nagko-contribute ng buwis! These people are the economic saboteaurs, Mr. Quezon.”

    You watched the rally last Friday with the Bayan Muna Group led by Satur Ocampo, Mayor Binay, Estrada and Imee Marcos! Remember our Edsa I and II to oust two administration yet they were coming back to destroy the present administration. The remnants of Marcoses including their daughter Imee, Susan Roces (godfather of Marcoses) and Estrada-FPJ group that behind the rally! Almost all people are short-minded in the Philippine History! “Kinalimutan nila ang nakaraan na ang mga Marcos at Estrada na nagpahirap sa atin?” Marcos violated the human rights and plundered billions of pesos for our national wealth during Martial Law. Estrada also, crony of Marcos, plundered billions of pesos due to his mistresses and their mansions too! I’m so sorry to the short-minded people, Mr. Quezon about the history that was forgotten in their hearts hypocritically! Our country is in damage by the history repeats itself. I pray for this nation that must be washed out by God through water “kasi mga tao dito sa Metro Manila ay nabubulok na ang kanilang mga ugali at pagkatao nila!” I’m so sorry for this people are still short-minded especially for Cory Aquino, too.

  13. The people in the Visayas and Mindanao are fed up with what the people in Manila have been doing against the government. It seems that the people in Manila are the only ones dictating the future of the country without even considering the voices of the people in the rest of the country.

    If the people in Manila cannot follow the Constitution, then there is no more reason for us in the provinces to follow this Constitution. It might be a wise move to form and draft our own Constitution.

  14. There will still be checks and balance because there will always be an opposition party that would serve to protect the people from the excesses of the gpvernining party in Parliament. this is what we call the shadow government–an alternative for the governing party come election day.

  15. Here is the rason why: if we remain with the current arrangement of our institutions we will forever remain a laggard and an unstable republic. we cannot afford to waste another generation wasting for this widespread reform to be relized. the time for reforms is always NOW! those who continuously oppose charter change are those who are benefitting in the current elitist system. Let us be united and pursue widespread reforms and be vigilant and participate in the drafting of a new constitution to make sure that the new constitution will be truly pro-God,pro-people, and pro-Filipino.

  16. parliament constitution will lessen the effort of many filipino voters as far as voting is concerned. Te agenda of changing the presidential constitution o parliamentary is just right.Why? because some of our filipino men especially our youth abuses the democracy meant for all filipino men wherein they use democracy as a bridge for thei rebellion.

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