5 thoughts on “Cory Aquino to make statement

  1. Ach! It just isn’t done. The former presidents had their time and their turn — it’s over, give it up.

  2. if gma won’t resign, what then?
    has this scenario been considered by the people who have called for her resignation?

  3. Cory’s got a lot of nerve telling GMA to leave the presidency. It’s still unproven if she’s guilty. Didn’t they hurl the same unproven accusations to his husband-that he was a communist and a plotter of the Miranda bombings?

    And Cory wasn’t half the president Gloria is. Gloria’s doing a good job fixing the fiscal crisis. Cory (together with “big borrower” Ramos) is the CAUSE of the fiscal crisis. She had the chance to nullify the Marcos debts. But no, she just had to “honor” those debts, and now it’s sinking our economy.

  4. Hi Angst Boy, I would be very interested in your comment about GMA fixing the fiscal crises. Paano nya ginawa ito at ano ang indicator na naayos nga nya. Maraming salamat.

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