Redemption is the title of my column for today. There will be some readers puzzled by this column. To understand how I reached this point, you may wish to go over the following past entries in this blog and elsewhere:

Nationalism, my column in the Inquirer on August 19, 2002.

Media can’t be liable for playing tapes, my entry for June 9, 2005.

Heretical thoughts, on June 10, 2005, which gives an overview of some of the difficulties involved in asking for change.

Last Senator standing, my column in the Inquirer which came out on June 12, 2005.

A happy shrewdness, Machiavelli suggests, on June 14, 2005.

Where I stand, June 16, 2005, this manifesto was also carried by was my initial declaration of principle based on the events that had transpired, thus far.

Where we’re at, June 25, 2005. My survey of events as of a week later, and how we should react to them. In view of events since this entry, I view it as improbable that the President can summon the sort of act of will necessary to redeem herself, and that furthermore, the actions of her supporters in Congress only serves to indicate that up to this point, the administration is more interested in a cover-up, than in coming clean.

You can also survey my Crisis Mode entries for the development of my opinions and thought.

United Nations Remains as Relevant as it Ever Was is my Arab News column for this week.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

18 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Mlq3, what do we make of UN in the face of Hotel Rwanda? The UN… The concept of national sovereignty vs. foreign intervention… These high-minded stuff failed us, failed the world, during the unprecedented Rwandan carnage

  2. mlq: i apologize for my ignorance when i stated only half of what quezon said in his statements with regards to this country being run by its citizens.

    but then again i blame the school were i was educated, a private catholic school in which the history books only stated the first half,

    after reading your item on nationalism, i know better,

    i hope you accept my apology,

    thank you

  3. your view that GMA should resign is fearless. Your view is also the sentiment of majority of the Filipino people especially the poor who do not have the “voice” to speak up.
    I think GMA should resign, what she and her family has done and are doing are a source of embarassment to the whole nation. I am a government employee, I am striving to be honest in all my dealings at work or at home. I want to change the image of the government employee (sector). But it seems all my effort is futile. Mismong ang leader natin na si GMA ay corrupt.

  4. Redemption the article should be read by the presidenrt hence she will be enlightened her actions.She should adhere to the legacy that her father had left and provide herself a graceful exit.She’s blow horning about the democracy in this country but she’s down playing the trust that the people had intrusted on her.Her admission was indeed a compliance of extreme pressure.On her interviews she resurface herself as a hero thus sacrificing her family for the country;however her eyes shows a woman fear to loose the presidency rather loosing a husband.The Filipinoes don’t need a hero for now but a competent ,trusted person who can lead the country admidst this economic crisis.

  5. Remember the Macabebe Scouts?Those traitors from Pampangga who fougth against their Filipino comrades…One is still alive!!!That Gloria Arroyo!Triator to the Filipino people!

  6. “Where I stand” and “Redemption:” those two materials — must be really personally hard for you to write, but those are, I think, your two best articles in recent weeks.


  7. I just read your article a day late – good I caught it!

    You say in ONE article ALL I’ve been wanting to hear from ANYONE in your stature.

    Except for one thing.

    Someone should tell Cory to shut the f*ck up!

  8. Jim Sarthou, no need to resort to profanity. If you are free to express yourself, why not allow Cory to say whatever she wants. Don’t delude yourself Big Boy into thinking that just because you use coarse words your arguments become stronger.

  9. holyfather: No, sounds to me like he’s just expressing his personal opinion on Cory’s statements, not making a rational argument.

    But I agree. Cory’s been a voice of sanity thus far, but when she pushes prayer as the solution to our woes, I’m tempted to tell her to shut the f*ck up too. 😉

  10. prayer, like: bless me father for i have sinned. these are my sins:… [hands in the tape to the confessor].

  11. jim, mickey, in judging catholics, you have to judge according to the precepts of their faith. cory is calling for discernment, which can never be a bad thing. she hasn’t closed off any options, and having made the effort, whatever she says will have twice the force of effect.

  12. Manolo,

    I dunno why, but reading your “Nationalism” column made me cry. Maybe I’m just “mababaw ang luha” or it could be that I was so moved by the article. I intend to print it and keep copies for my 2 kids,for them to read when they are old enough to understand everything written there.

    Mabuhay ka!

  13. I read ‘Nationalism’ and read it all over again.

    apart from being filled with pride. the other thing is optimism and hope. the things that
    are sometimes in short supply during these
    trying times.

    congratulations on a great article.

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