President: Mike will go

The big announcement came at the Polo Club.

It started off like a stump speech. “We regularly need to take a frank assessment of where were are, and where we’re going…The fact we’re making this progress, in spite of the noise of Philippine politics.. is proof my macroeconimc policies… are putting us on the path to economic stability and growth…”

“We’re tackling corruption head on…Let there be no mistake. We’re committed to the day when.. the divisions of the country can end… To do this, by breaking the status quo… This commitment goes beyond words, beyond convenience, beyond personal interest… I’ve listened to advice… from the business community…”

Because of rumor and innuendo concerning her family, and the pain it’s caused her and them, she said: “I quoted my father… God first, then country, and family is last. This is something that has guided me… My responsibility is to my people… ”

“Today my family is once again called to sacrifice our personal happiness, to allow me to serve best as president of our country. My husband has volunteered to go abroad… And so he will leave to remove these distractions and doubts from the people’s minds…”

No mention of her son or brother-in-law. Expectations can’t continue to be raised so high, only to be dashed by half-measures. There is no point in exiling Mike if his brother remains on the scene. This is, once more, too little, too late. We have to see what Susan Roces will say.

Just now (12:09) the lawyer of the President’s husband says Mikey may accompany his father -may. But no word on Iggy. Again, too little, too late.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

10 thoughts on “President: Mike will go

  1. para que? the dambuhalang baboy should also face the music. we keep on banishing the culprits and they come back here smelling like heroes. look how we treated imelda. saan siya ngayon, malaya pa!

    off to the pig pen you go mike arroyo!

  2. What is it wid local politicians to always blame others and make others as sacrificial lambs just to dodge the real issue at hand?

    We don’t need any of the 3 male Arroyo’s to be exiled, what the people need is for GMA to tell the whole truth.

    The reason why some people can not in their good conscience aceppt her apology is because its obvious that she is not telling the whole story.

    The question is whether GMA was the voice on the tape and she answere she did called up a COMELEC Commissioner. Al of it is implied, ano ba yan?

    To all those who watched Randy David at ANC last nyt, let’s see if gool ole Randy will become prohetic again. Let’s see if Arroyo will only have six months left in office.

    Peace to all!!

  3. “We don’t need any of the 3 male Arroyo’s to be exiled, what the people need is for GMA to tell the whole truth.”

    I’m afraid we’re limited by sheer human psychology: Gloria will never voluntarily say anything contrary to her self interest.

    I think a case should be made here of strong institutions, and not strong personalities – instead of hoping for that when-pigs-fly moment that Gloria becomes Honest Glo, we should focus on the far more workable goal of having institutions that can efficiently deal with her and her avaricious family.

    I think this is a great argument for a Con-Con. What do you think?

    react-interact hit it right on the nose, in my opinion.

  4. Every presidential family since I was born had its clutch of greedy moneymaker-sleazebags. The Marcoses are monumental, of course. Mike Arroyo’s greed continues that tradition and he, his son and brother, are unlucky enough to go down in history as the only ones publicly “acknowledged” to be blacksheeps causing national instability. Well, enough of this exile-exile business, why don’t they all just resign and commit hara-kiri. It would be the two most honorable things they would have done.

  5. I heard Bishop Cruz(?) say that GMA is so obssessed with holding on to power, she’s willing to break the sacrament of matrimony by sending Mike away in exile. Tsk!Tsk!
    Absolute power really intoxicates the mind.This is a play comparable to any Greek tragedy.Sophocles would have been proud.

  6. Well, there you have it. As one journalist put it to me the other night, “what she needs to do is shock and awe.” There was none. Now the other side mounted the shock and awe.

  7. Ow men!!! please dont go

    at magpakasarap ang buhay sa ibang bansa at takasan ang kaguluhang they created, like:

    1. jueteng
    2. Election fraud
    3. Being not just a pig but a BUWAYA.

    Sakripisyo daw, PWEH!!! Sumama ka na Gloria sa pag alis nila

  8. i was so disappointed when PGMA said “it is a sacrifice” for FG to leave the country…it doesnt speak of sincerity. She could have just announced that he will leave the country and go to the moon. and “not let her left hand know what her right hand is doing”. parang it is our utang na loob pa because he will have to sacrifice….

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