A wacky week?

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News was/is Cory meets Susan, NTC and KBP agree tapes may be aired so long as the presumption is no one really knows who is on them, and a rumored escape attempt, which Garci’s wife denies (I don’t know why anyone pays attention to Kit Tatad, they should have stopped listening to the man 20 years ago), and the President jetting for Hong Kong, and a scheduled press conference for Senator Panfilo Lacson at 10 am on Wednesday in the Manila Hotel.

ABS-CBN Interactive: has Dan Mariano pointing out this tidbit,

At the Kapihan sa Sulo media forum Saturday, COMELEC Chair Benjamin Abalos offered this “food for thought”: The poll body finished its canvassing of votes cast in the senatorial race on May 24—or five days before Garci/Gary’s alleged conversations with the President and others began to be tapped.

Then there’s a whole slew of opinions you won’t find in the mainstream papers as they’re only published online:

Billy Esposo, who is a founding member of Copa, opines that the Americans may be up to something and we risk civil war. Rasheed Abou-Alsahm strongly believes it’s really the President on the tapes.Ricky Carandang writes an open letter to the cabinet.

In the mainstream press, Jarius Bondoc in the Star points out the irony of Senator Barbers, who once condemned Garcellano for fixing elections, appealing to the same man to fix the results in his favor. The Manila Times, which replaced Today as the content provider for abs-cbn news, has Francis Lagniton relieved the tape issue is fizzling out. Jose Abueva in an essay, appeals for his pet -isms (parliamentarism, unicameralism, federalism) as the antidote to the country’s woes.

Bloggers have added to the richness and vitality of discourse on the issue by weighing in over the past week:

tornandfrayed summarizes the issue; sassy lawyer says it’s not an issue involving freedom of expression; ronnel lim has fun with my entry on Machiavelli (and cleverly played with the style of the translation to come up with his own heading); La Vida Lawyer has more Sun-Tzu advice; Jove writes on what people really care about: Batman Returns, Kris Aquino, and James Yap. And finally, PCIJ dissects the Lanao del Sur vote.

This is just too funny. Take a peek at George W. Bush’s MSN mailbox.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. i’m an QFW and every day when i come home to take our shift break i sit down in front of our TV and watch TV patrol world live. today gloria is in the news about her trip to hongkong. sabi sa news magsasalita na raw si gloria tungkol sa controversial na tape conversstions. tingnan mo nga naman sa harap ng mga mayayamang chekwang investors nagawa nyang mag-comment na magsasalita na raw siya “but ïn appropirate time”. dito sa manila simula ng lumabas yung tape na yon matigas siya at sabi ng kanyang puppet na si bunye eh gloria will not dignify with an answer about the accusations/allegtions. malaking insulto yung ginawa niya sa ating mga pilipino. pag tayo, manshid siya, wala siyang pakialam pero the moment na nakaharap siya sa mga rich foreign investors mabilis pa siya sa ala kuwatro na nagsalita tungkol sa tapes na yon. DUWAG siya! takot siya sa mga kapwa pinoy niya. this just prove gaano kababa ang tingin niya sa atin na dinaya niya, ninakawan niya. ganon siya ka-ipokrtita. i hope mapa-alis siya sa malacanang sa kahit anong paraan. our country doesn’t deserve a person like her as president.

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