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INSIDE PCIJ: Stories behind our stories » NTC reminder publishes the “reminder” of the NTC, of which this is part:

Considering that these taped conversations have not been duly authenticated nor could it be said at this time that the tapes contain an accurate or truthful representation of what was recorded therein, it is the position of the commission that the continuous airing or broadcast of the said taped conversations by radio and television stations is a continuing violation of the anti-wiretapping law and the conditions of the provisional authority and/or certificate of authority issued to these radio and television stations.

I have blogged here that media has the right and even the duty to report on the tapes, and part of reporting is allowing people to read or listen to the tapes.

Also, let me reiterate something I said on Studio 23 during their debate show last night: Those who were the beneficiaries of people power in the past can’t deny people power to other people. As I wrote on Edsa Tres, it was people power -but failed because it turned violent and also because its leaders lacked the courage to lead the poor at the barricades. On one level, the opposition is correct: you live by people power, you can die by people power.

Radio reports people trying to go to San Carlos Seminary.

Blog roundup: Ederic on humor, Tina Panganiban-Perez on the impropriety of the President wearing diamonds at the Independence Day reception (and an intriguing comment by one reader that someone stole the President’s wristwatch during a campaign sortie), thirtysomething on that mysterious car left behind at the seminary.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on “on the NTC

  1. i don’t understand why they even bother to make these futile attempts at censorship. according to my BitTorrent program, there are 11 peers currently downloading arroyotape from my computer. what fun!

  2. Butch,

    one of the tipping points any beleaguered government fsces is when its attempts to enforce the law become so patently illogical that it is actually patriotic to break the law as interpreted by the government. That’s what’s happening here.

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