It spreads…

Perhaps in reaction to PCIJ’s original problem with bandwidth, the controversial recordings have hit the BitTorrent system. This means it’s now beyond the control of the government to stop from spreading.

If texting was the technology of Edsa II, then the technology of this crisis is the internet: blogging, and peer-to-peer and other means of sharing.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on “It spreads…

  1. i agree: edsa dos/texting!
    now regarding the present political crisis, do you share my observation (posted in my blog) that pinoy bloggers
    were kept “busy” by the events unfolding –typing their thoughts away about the scandal? could it be that blogging is affecting or may affect “the shape of things to come”?
    more power mlq3 and pcij!

  2. Blogging will, particularly crucial during the period that media caved in to the NTC -except for the PCIJ. Also, even for the online news services, events tend to happen too fast, and not everyone can rely on what everyone here at home relies on, during times like these: the radio and tv.

    For an opinion writer like me, it gives me the chance to do analysis and present opinions on the fly, without being tied down by regular deadlines.

    There are two constituencies here: the vast Filipino community abroad, and foreign journalists; and the young who were so crucial for Edsa Dos, who are plugged into the www.

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