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Bro Eddie sez
By mlq3 Posted in Crisis Mode, Daily Dose on June 13, 2005 One Comment 1 min read
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Bro. Eddie Villanueva phones in to ANC to say he’ll be home “sometime this week”, and says the President has “options” to prove she really cares about the country -he will enumerate what those options are when he arrives at the airport.

DZMM says Agent Doble has been “reunited” with his family. Apparently Manila Auxiliary Bishop Socrates Villegas has played a role in getting Doble released.

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  1. Dami kasi nilang bulisik nong eleksyon, panalo sana at di madadaya si FPJ kung si Fandakaki lang ang kalaban. Ngayon lalabas sila lahat para pumapel, pulos naman papel de hapon lang ang mga yan.