Siesta before the storm

From “500” to “5”, the presence of the police at San Carlos Seminary, according to the radio, has shrunk. Naptime for the cops, apparently.

Susan Roces apparently continues to be at the seminary, talking to Atty. Ong. Radio says Ong’s house was ransacked by agents of the Central Police District, but it’s unclear if a warrant was secured, and before or after the fact.

One well-placed source texts me to opine that the money hasn’t begun to flow, as no one knows on which side to place their bets. Says this source, “Money will flow only when an alternative is identified. The sources of funds are legitimate business, disempowered politicos, and jueteng and drug lords. The most liquid are the last two but they are hedging still. Jueteng lords who control politicians down to the ward level are probably more effective than Lumbao, Morales, or Satur Ocampo.Those who are bused in from the provinces are jueteng bodies but even the urban squatters rely on the network of cobradors and ward leaders. I think the Reds tap into this network also. Let’s see how many bodies they produce without money and how long their idealism will last in the hot Edsa sun.”

From 10 FPJ supporters at the seminary as of around 9 am, radio says there are now “about 300.”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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