Ong speaks…

Atty. Ong is holding a presscon now.


He says on advice of his lawyers he handed over the “master tape” to Bishop Teodoro Bacani.


He says he’s had the tapes since mid-March. March-April he made copies and gave them to people he trusted. The bishops say they will allow Ong to stay at the seminary so long as he remains “at risk”.

He says when Bunye and Paguia came out with “their respective versions of the tape,” that’s when he decided to come out in the open rather than wait for someone to point the finger at him.

His reactions to Wycoco’s statements impugning his credibility: “I expect the worst from the government.” He reiterates his challenge to the AFP -they will find 4 master tapes missing. Also his challenge that tests will prove the tapes authentic, and the video he took of the supposed ISAFP agent.

Ouch. He says, he held on to the tapes because “they’d be a good subject for business”! He claims rumors of his involvement with Lacson started with a certain Cyp Lacson meeting him in a nightclub called “Zenith” which could have been misconstrued as his meeting Senator Lacson at the “Zenate”.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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