“No man is an island.. the bells, they toll for thee”

The President looks tired and grumpy. Wan smile as resolution is handed to her.

Better smile as she talks. “We need the world…I’ve put my beliefs into action… I put the Philippines back on the map… [then she interrupts her speech to grin and acknowledge presence of Chief Justice Davide]… I have felt the political heat, but I’m still in the kitchen [applause]. I’m still in the kitchen because that’s where I belong… and no one will deter me from that mission. Unfortunately there are those.. who beleive… the Philippines… is a private sandbox for political intrigue… This view is dangerous… irresponsible, because it damages the lives of the very poor we’re trying to serve… We cannot toss out the democratic process simply because we’re not getting our way… extreme madness is what purveyors of instability… are trying to sow… They must be responsible for their actions and be responsible for the consequences of their actions for the nation… To quote john Donne again, [to my enemies] for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.. I propose a toast to… all the people of the world… Mabuhay!” [Applause]

The Papal Nuncio (incorrectly calling the President the “President of the Republic of the Philippines,” and wrongly calling Noli de Castro “His Excellency” (it’s “Honorable”): (paraphrased accoint follows) we are honored to be here at the 107th anniversary of Philippine Independence (wrong: it’s the 107th anniversary of the proclamation), and remember your “radiant history”… we know you have faced, and face many problems, and the future will bring no rest in the struggle for national growth… but it’s part of the universal search of peoples facing interdependence, yaddah, yaddah, nothing, in other words, to tie we, the diplomats here, to actually expressing our solid support for your embattled administration, but we wish the talented Filipino people well… Mabuhay! [clap, clap, clap]

Did they have to burst out with a pretty reedy rendition of “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”??

The US Embassy says it’s willing to verify the tapes if asked.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

1 thought on ““No man is an island.. the bells, they toll for thee”

  1. Who says there is no alternative to gloria? There is an alternative to Gloria.
    His name is Noli de Castro. If she resigns, he succeeds her. The lady in Malacanang herself picked him as her successor.
    Did the Makati Business Club or businessmen in general, did civil society howl
    when she picked him as running mate? Not even a whimper. So she must have made an acceptable choice.
    She resigns, he succeeds that’s what the constitution says and we live or die by
    our constitution . Screw all those juntas, transition presidents and what have you.
    We have an orderly system in place, something that we ratified overwhelmingly in 1987, let’s stick to it.
    Give Noli the keys to Malacanang, send gloria, her husband, son and brother in
    law to jail and let’s get on with our lives.
    And give Susan Roces a little peace for a change. Stop using her husband’s coffin as a soapbox.

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