Maza needs Susan

The serendipitously named Liza Maza, Communist member of Congress, issues the following appeal:

June 11, 2005


“Resign now. It is the one honorable recourse that President Arroyo
can take having lost all moral fiber to lead our country.” Gabriela
Women’s Partylist Representative Liza Largoza Maza.

“The longer she holds on to power, the harder she will fall. How can
President Arroyo even profess to lead the country out of poverty and
rid this government of corruption? Evidence clearly point to how she
has taken away the people’s will and destroyed a democratic exercise.
President Arroyo should realize she has come to the end of the line,”
said Maza

Details of how President Arroyo manipulated election results continue
to unravel with witness Samuel Ong revealing the original tapes of
President Arroyo’s conversations with election Commissioner

The Gabriela solon meanwhile echoed calls for Susan Roces, wife of
presidential bet Fernando Poe, Jr. to join the people’s movement in
putting an end to the injustice done to the people’s sovereign will.
“She is a welcome addition to the throngs of women who will fight for
a government that is truly representative of the people’s will.”

Maza also proposed that a people’s congress be held in order to decide
on alternatives to the failed governance of President Arroyo and to
ensure that the will of the people will not be betrayed. “A broad
gathering of patriotic forces from different classes and sectors will
provide the spark for renewal.” #

Perhaps the opposition is really short of money (see suggestions of one anonymous texter to me in a previous post), the administration certainly wants to indicate it’s an expensive proposition. Sec. Serge Remonde says the recruiting costs the opposition 1,000 pesos a head or 5,000 pesos a family. Anyway, not having been able to summon a crowd last night (thanks in great part to the Church’s refusal to permit people to pop into the seminary), Maza and friends are counting on Roces’s drawing power. The problem is, despite efforts to try creating “popular fronts”, the Communists forget one requirement for effective political action: keep your message simple. The big lie, said often enough, works.

Oh. And there was just a mild earthquake.

Anyway, the problem of the Left is they end up mouthing slogans like this: “Down with the Arroyo-US-Capitalist-Multilateralist-Free Trade-GATT-WTO-Comprador Class-Elitist-Trotskyite-Reformist-Pop Music-Non Economy Class-Fattening-Flippant-Left Handed-Metrosexual-Caffeinated-Green Card Holding-Japanese J-Rock Listening-Non Gouda Eating-Non Communist-Too Catholic-Opus Dei-Mestizo-Land Owning-Clique-Cabal-Conspiracy-Society-Castilaloy-Tsinoy-English Speaking-Truffle-Eating-Chocolate Guzzling-Private Property Owning-Convent School-Private School-Car Owning-Necktie Wearing-Regime!!!!” Eventually people find the message muddled and some -ism they hate turns out dear to the heart of potential allies.

The bishops at the Palace, incidentally, turn out to be Evangelical, and not Catholic.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “Maza needs Susan

  1. i think maza’s message was simple, and sorry to say, it does not validate the dogmatic description of this writer about the Left.

  2. Hindi ako magtataka kung bakit ganito ang reaction ni Mr. Manuel L. Quezon III, grandson of one of the earliest American puppets in Philippine History. Like father, like grandson. Nasa dugo ng mga Quezon ang magpakatuta at sumamba sa sistema ng Washington D.C. at naghaharing sindikato sa Malakanyang. KKKaya ganyan yan mag-isip, Buti na lang meron Liza Maza na may bayag at nag-iisip kung ano ang dapat.

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