Gonzalez: don’t arrest Ong

DZBB reports Justice Secretary Gonzalez has instructed the NBI not to arrest Atty. Ong, and that they’ll wait for the resumption of normal business on Tuesday to possibly file charges; if Ong goes to the Liwasang Bonifacio, Gonzalez says he’s not to be arrested.

AFP says there are troop movements, but they’re related to tomorrow’s independence day celebration, so no need to worry. Police say everything is under control.

(update) Alan Paguia is on TV bellyaching that there are death threats being made. By whom? The opposition? And why is the media still referring to him as “Attorney”? Wasn’t he disbarred?

Manuel L. Quezon III.

8 thoughts on “Gonzalez: don’t arrest Ong

  1. ‘They’ are apparently afraid that Ong might be ‘misconstrued’ by the general as a no-agenda hero slash martyr. In another clime and time, someone like Ong would have been automatically shot for violating the sanctity of a person’s privacy, at least in secular terms. Today, his action is even defended under the basic “freedom of speech.” Since when is snooping on private matters a form of basic right to know? Hahah! Ah, these are gray times… I hope Jinggoy reads this.

    And, oh, I’m so sad that Rez Cortes of Oasis of Love is involved in this. This is so divisive even for the Chruch

  2. Alan Paguia says, the President, as an official, doesn’t have the right of privacy with communications, unless, if she insists she does, then she admits she’s not president!

  3. jerwin, what’s the difference? and wouldn’t that mean he can’t be called “attourney” for the time being?

  4. Well, in other countries lawyers are almost always called Mr or Ms, and rarely attorney. Pinoys are crazy about the title, I even encountered names with Atty and LLB attached on them at the same time.

    Now, priests are still called Father when they are defrocked. Doctors are still Doc even if they are suspended.

    But I agree with you, they should be called as such when they deserve that title which in this case — well, here’s a lawyer who has the compulsion to incorrigibly defy the Supreme Court.

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