Quo vadis, FVR?

Additions to the permutations: Brother Eddie Villanueva received his TV station franchise with the ok of then President Ramos. Jess Sison, Villanueva’s spokesman who is at San Carlos seminary upon the invitation of Linggoy Alcuaz (Copa-original), is a known Ramos man; Alcuaz’s fellow Copa-original, Pastor “Boy” Saycon, is a known close Ramos associate.

FVR has been silent, so far…

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on “Quo vadis, FVR?

  1. GMA is very much guilty of a crime that has raped the core of democracy in our country today.

    If she still has the decency and would like to uphold human dignity, she should therefore resign immediately and let the people decide of their true leader.

    For me, I will be supporting and pushing fro Bro. Eddie Villanueva to be the next President of the Nation.

    He is the only one capable and has the righteouse political will to turn this nation upside down with the aid of God and the people.

    Babangon ang PILIPINAS! Maniwala ka!

  2. Democracy, good governance and modernity cannot be imported or imposed from outside a country. Yet, much of what lies beneath the ocean’s surface remains a mystery, and our nation continues to rely on a confused, antiquated system of ocean governance.

    I fervently believe that now is the time for seeking the real change in the system. Afterall, its not about the system but the people running the system.

    Until we totally change the way we elect our leaders, until we remove private money from public campaigns, lying will be the de facto method of governance in this country.

    If you want to create change in the system, then dare to challenge yourself to be part of that system!!!

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