1 thought on “Melanie Marquez trumps Teddy Benigno

  1. Doesn’t this list also reflect PDI’s priorities? Maybe it runs too many showbiz-related articles?

    For example, I read that story on Melanie Marquez (so sue me). What’s newsworthy about her grammatical slip-ups? Well, she’s apparently promoting a book on them and luckily, she got a PDI writer to help her promote it.

    Then I read Dolly Carvajal’s column today (God help me). It contained Dina Bonnevie’s entire press statement where she says that God knows she’s innocent! Doesn’t the PDI have editorial policy for showbiz columns?

    My point is if newspapers have no qualms about feeding us showbiz poo, they shouldn’t wonder why audiences learn to prefer the crap over the serious stuff in the long run. It’s editors who determine the content of their papers, after all, not the readers.

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