Noodle Dad Bows Out

Japan Today – News – 95-year-old inventor of instant noodles to finally retire – Japan’s Leading International News Network: who would’ve thought this man would’ve changed people’s lives so much? Nissin Foods | Meet the Inventor: has his official story. Other news from Japan are, Japan Today – News – 19th case of mad cow disease confirmed in Japan – Japan’s Leading International News Network: and Japan Today – News – Koizumi cool to idea of removing war criminals from Yasukuni – Japan’s Leading International News Network.

As someone very happy with his DSL, i.t. matters : news: has interesting news on future DSL developments, including something PLDT is poised to bring in -cable television through DSL lines, something already done elsewhere. The days of the cable television provider as we know it seem numbered.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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