“Anakin: Wish mo lang!”

Movie parodies are part of the great fun one can have on the ‘net. Years ago, when most of the blogs I read were on LiveJournal, a blog purporting to have the secret diaries of characters from the Lord of the Rings caused a sensation. The original LJ is gone, but mercifully, someone saved them at The Very Secret Diaries. Among the funniest are The Very Secret Diary of Legolas, Son of Weenus and The Secret Diary of Legolas, not to mention The Very Secret Diary of Samwise Gamgee and The Very Secret Diary of Frodo Baggins.My favorite is The Very Secret Diary of Gimli, Son of Gloin.

Ever since, there’s been an epidemic of secret diaries, although one, Extracts From ‘The Secret Diary of Darth Ad’ri-An Maul Aged 23 3/4’ conscientiously pays tribute to Sue Townsend, who wrote Extracts From ‘TheSecret Diary of The Adrian Mole Diaries : The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 : The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, a series of quite amusing books in the 1980’s (she also wrote The Queen and I, which has, sadly been overtaken by events: in the book, Britain becomes a Republic, and the Queen of England and her family have to move to an ordinary worker’s home, with really funny results).

The logical development of character parodies, of course, is the faux blog, such as The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster Journal of Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith and Servant to His Supreme Excellency the Emperor Palpatine. There’s Master Yoda’s Blog: Use the Force on you do not make me.

I haven’t encountered many parodies written by Filipinos, but in Bakla. Bakla. Baket Ka Ginawa? there’s his take on the latest (and last) Star Wars installment. A sample:

Palpatine: Haggard ka! I-pegasus mo siya. Shinutol niya ang project-arms mo. Kelangan magrevenge ka. Shit ka! Remember, ang pelikulang itey ay revenge of the shit. Kaya go! Shutayinara mo ang maondang yan kasi akez lang dafat ang pinakamaonda ditey na whitesiva angheraton. Shutayin mey!(insert nakakalokang tunog ng lightsabers na parang nagfu-fumegate)Vooooooooooooom . . . . . .

Tee hee.

“In fairness…” Any celebrity can be faux-blogged. With cruel, but hilarious, results, just look at Stephen Hawking’s Blog: because his high-tech computer broke BBQLOL.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on ““Anakin: Wish mo lang!”

  1. Funny.

    BTW, can you (or anybody else) explain to me what “in fairness” means, and how it entered the vernacular?

    [a-la NPR… I’ll take my answer offline]

    Salamat. 🙂

  2. From showbiz, of course. One announcer in particular, isn’t it Kris Aquino on The Buzz or maybe Boy Abunda?

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