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That’s why we were recently happy to see that the “On Line” show had a guest host in the person of Manuel Quezon III. He capably interviewed some guests on their views on the new Roman Catholic pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.We trust that Quezon will be a more regular presence on the TV screen, on “On Line” or on a new show produced especially for him. Local viewers will definitely benefit from the clarity of his thoughts and the perceptiveness of his insights.Granted, he still has to accustom himself to the unique requirements of the television medium. But he should be able to do that in due time, so we are looking forward to seeing more of Manuel Quezon III on the tube. Kudos to “On Line” for finally getting him on TV.

Blush!! Blush, blush. Thanks, Mr. Torre. Incidentally, I’ll be hosting On Line again tonight, 9pm on ANC.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

15 thoughts on “Blush!

  1. sir, me and my father are regular viewers of ANC. i was able to watch you on that episode of Gene Orejana’s “On Line”, and I agree with Torre’s thoughts. actually, at first i was surprised, for i had only seen you previously in news interviews. 🙂

    more power to you, sir!

  2. ahhh, sino nga ba unang nagsabi nang mga yan sa yo, bago si NUT? hehehehehe. have to warn my KUMPARE gene. wag na kaya natin sila pabalikin ni weng at mga bata? hehehehe

  3. ditto Ca t. Would have been interesting for us, expats. Although, I still have yet to subscribe sa TFC dito sa Frankfurt. Super mahal naman kasi!

  4. Cat: oh well; show went well though. I know, I will have to ask my bloghost why sometimes my site is down 🙁

    Jove sinong Nut? Thai Nut? Ay, safe si Gene noh. hehe

    AnP: Reading is still the best 😛

  5. Anp,
    Mahal din dito ng Filipino Channel which includes ANC and another station.

    TFC lang ako via comcast. Mura ng ilang kurap.oops sorry mlq. can’t help it.

    Pero I agree with the other fans of yours. I have seen you a few times, galing na aliw pa. I am not pulling your leg. (yon lang dulo ng pantalon.. ahek).We have a dearth of intelligent talk show hosts sa pinas.

  6. was pertaining to… mr. Nestor U. Torre…. i guess…. baka mali ako hehehe, he usually use NUT as abbreviation or initials sa mga article niya sa pdi.

  7. Cat, wala akong pakialam how you get TFC lol lol. But tnx talaga sa comments mo. My mom’s obsession is, they put too much makeup on me, mukha daw akong lasing hehe.

    Jove, how stupid of me, ngayon ko lang na gets. But of course, ikaw yung unang talent scout na nag plug sakin hehe!

  8. i haven’t been able to watch you but i suppose it’s something you can resort to in case you ever forget how to write =)

    btw, your banner spills into your right sidebar. maybe because the banner’s size does not adjust to the size of my screen? actually, this comment box is spilling into the sidebar right now…

  9. Hi Von. I’m replacing the banner soon, Abe just has to upload it. And no, I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to write, but it’s an additional source of income, which is always welcome!

  10. How do you like doing TV? Mahirap ba?

    Ito medyo stupid question (knowing who your grandfather is) pero: kaya mo bang mag-Tagalog ng diretso-diretso? Live? 🙂

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