A re-interment and other things

A re-interment – INQ7.net is my column for today.

The good folks at PCIJ have blogged about the Philippine e-library in INSIDE PCIJ: Stories behind our stories » Philippine e-Library. Seems its useless unless you subscribe, and subscriptions are expensive.

Tales of the Unlawyer blogs about tingi, buying stuff in tiny quantities, e.g. sacheted everything galore. PDI columnist Rina Jimenez-David wrote about it. Just an added note: according to a recent lecture Prof. Ricardo Trota Jose gave at the Ayala Museum Docent Training Program, micro-buying is a holdover from the Japanese Occupation: it was then, for example, that Filipinos got used to buying cigarettes by the stick, instead of by the pack, and bananas per piece and not by bunch, and so on.

From iblog – The 1st Philippine Blogging Summit, this announcement:

The Internet Society Program (ISP) of the U.P. College of Law is pleased to announce the holding of the 1st Philippine Blogging Summit—an open event where Pinoy bloggers and newbies can discuss everything and anything about blogging.

ISP recognizes the pioneering efforts of the originators of Pinoy blogging. Through their initiative, blogging became an effective tool for disseminating opinion and personal thoughts on a wide array of topics. The Filipino blogging community has since grown. And Pinoy blogging has become a vibrant and revolutionary medium of communication.

Hence, the summit aims to explore the potential social and political impact of blogging, as well as, document the history of blogging in the Philippines and encourage the growth of Pinoy blogging.

Globally, blogging is fast becoming a relevant social phenomenon. Blogging has gradually emerged as an effective tool that will have an impact on a broad spectrum—from political discourse to science and technology, and corporate governance to employment, among others.

Through this summit, therefore, ISP also wishes to engage the collective thoughts of our Pinoy bloggers and gather ideas on Pinoy blogging as a socially relevant phenomenon.

And Bikoy.net agrees with some of my views concerning public transportation.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. About the Philippine e-library: yes, it’s useless without a subscription and anyway, their catalogue is rather dated. I did a search on party-list elections and all they had were articles from the 1998 elections.

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