Outed as an Editorial Writer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer weighs into the dispute between Publisher Teodoro Locsin, Jr. and the union of the old Manila Standard, now merged with Today to form Manila Standard Today. In its editorial this morning, PDI”s editorial, Conflict of interest – INQ7.net, takes the side of the union and uses me as an example:

Manuel Quezon III had to resign as presidential adviser on historical affairs before joining the Inquirer as editorial writer and columnist.

This, incidentally, “outs” me as an editorial writer. Usually the PDI does not disclose who writes its editorials.

My own comments on the case (since I worked for Rep. Locsin for 10 years), in my column on Thursday.

The PDI’s string of stories on the issue can be found here:

March 23: Locsin told: No. 4 paper can’t be taken over by No. 7 – INQ7.net

March 24: Today’s view: What conflict of interest? – INQ7.net

March 28: PPI dared: Shed ‘old boys club’ mentality – INQ7.net

A summary of the history of newspapers (and newspaper ownership) can be found here: Philippine Communication Centrum Foundation – Knowledge Museum-Forum-Poverty and globalization-The forum

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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