Death of a Beauty Queen

Reader Alexander Ancelotti sent in the following today:

The name Pacita de los Reyes Phillips may not ring a bell to a male generation that is going ga-ga over the likes of Heart Evangelista, Anne Curtis and Kristine Hermosa. But certainly, any male who was around during the American colonial period will claim that the beauties of today are no match to Pacita. Actually, there are also the likes of Susan Magalona and Conchita Sunico.

Pacita de los Reyes Phillips was not just another pretty face. The Carnival Queen of 1929 also boasted a brilliant legal mind, being a member of the UP College of Law batch that has produced the likes of Arturo Tolentino and Ambrosio Padilla. The eligible bachelors of her time courted her (like Nicasio Osmeña). She also had a colorful love that even involved the last President of the Commonwealth. Even as she aged, she remained radiant and beautiful.

Death came to Pacita de los Reyes Phillips on March 10, 2005. She was 94 years old. The Beauty Queen is dead. Long live the Beauty Queen.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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