American art of war

The American art of war – is my column for today.

Meanwhile, from the Sassy Lawyer comes the following, which I’m quoting verbatim:

I came across via Google. I was shocked to find that many of my blog entries had been plagiarized and posted there. The “bopis” recipe in…39=2=15 was copied, word for word, from my food blog…d/recipe/bopis/ The Board Master who calls himself “Fireman” is a plagiarist. Princeedward is also a plagiarist. The pork satay and pinaupong manok recipes, including the photos, were also copied from I am demanding for the removal of Fireman and Princeedward from the forums and all their postings deleted. I have posted the above in the forums. But it will help if I can have your support. Whatever form of support will be appreciated, whether blog entries or otherwise. If you know of any other blog entries that have been plagiarized, please post an entry about it in your blog or in PinoyBlog. Let us mobilize our community in the fight against plagiarism on the internet. Thank you.

Please support the Sassy Lawyer’s efforts to prevent plagiarism on the internet!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

6 thoughts on “American art of war

  1. Greetings From Mars…In the movie “Apocalypse Now”, the General excalimed when he was ordering his men “GIVE THEM HELL” or to that effect. I think the American way is just the way ancient armies have done, by razing down an entire city, burning kingdoms down to ruble, to ensure victory. In the Gladiator, the main protagonists there, Russell Crowe, as a Roma General, also exlaimed, “Unleashed Hell!”. It had never changed. It was only the manner of weapon used that had changed.

  2. I interviewed the author of Escape to Manila, Frank Ephraim last night. He mentioned that he met you in Cincinnati a week or so ago. His story is pretty amazing, and we have your great grandfather to thank for saving so many lives. A true HERO indeed.

  3. Fallujah is another classic case of the application of this US military doctrine: DESTROY A CITY IN ORDER TO SAVE IT.
    What do you do when the city is reduced to rubble?
    Build the institutions of democracy and freedom on the ruins, that’s what!

  4. The article “American Art of War” by Manuel Quezon III is misleading. It does not talk about the American Art of War at all — in the sense of what differentiates it from how other nations do war. It talks about destruction … well that comes with war. All nations do the same. So really this article reflects the author’s ignorance or anti-american agenda or both. If the author just did even a little research, he will probably learn of how the German’s attacked and destroyed Stalingrad. Or how the British bombed Germany to bits. Or how the Russians destroyed Berlin to bits. In war, the primary near term objective is the destruction of the enemy before you. Historically this meant a lot of “collateral” damage. Need I review with the author the fate of Troy under the hands of the Greeks? Or how Rome obliterated Carthage (they razed it to the ground, and then sowed their fields with salt to ruin the agricultural economy). Or how Rome obliterated Jerusalem and sent the Jews on their last diaspora. Or how the Goths and the Vandals sacked Rome? Or how the Pope’s Crusaders sacked Constantinople? Or how catholic crusaders brought death and destruction to the holy land? War is destruction. War is death. War is bad. Today there is a heightened sensitivity to “collateral” damage. But it has not been completely eliminated. The history of man is a history of war, and victory, and suffering. The americans do not have a monopoly of destruction — ALL nations do so when at war and when it is convenient for their immediate objective to do so. Even FILIPINOS do the same. Search the archives for reports of massacres by Filipino soldiers. You’ll not come off empty handed. In short this article is at best poorly researched, or at worst sincerely biased, catering to the uneducated and uninformed with the intent to encourage hatred towards another nation. This is propaganda of the first nature using parts of the truth to arrive at grossly misleading conclusions. And if there was no intent to mislead the uninformed, this can only be a public demonstration of the author’s ignorance with regard to anything related to warfare beyond Manila in the 40’s, Vietnam in the 60s or 70s and Iraq today.
    Bud Kamp

  5. Darn right freedom isn’t free. The problem w pundits like yourself sir is, you want to have your cake and eat it too. Even with the benefit of hindsight, your analysis totally mismanaged the overall reality of the subject you endeavor to tackle; in this instance, the liberation of the great city of Manila. If the US military spared the building structures and cleared the houses of japanese snipers and booby traps, you probably would be the first to say how dumb that idea is at the time since it would have amounted to countless casualties. The US military is damned if they do and if they don’t but that’s an old story already. Hubris is your viewpoint regarding the true nature of evil that the US and the US alone is currently tackling so that you can write more of…well ..hubris. Your odoriferous anti-Americanism is effervescing through your various orifices.

    Have a nice day.

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