In gaharasiber MURING-WIEN cyberathaus you can read about the National Next Of Kin Registry:

The National Next Of Kin Registry is used primarily in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Other Countries (OC) are welcome and encouraged to register their family members and an emergency next of kin point of contact. NOKR also recommends uploading a photograph if one is available to expedite an individual’s identification if needed. If you are registering an individual outside the USA, Canada or Mexico please add additional contact information in the comments area of the registration form.

Our country should adopt this.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. This resource is used internationally; it’s also linked on the International Red Cross. I volunteer in Eldoret, Kenya and my Bother volunteers in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

    NOKR ECV-Zeleb Mutabu

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