2 thoughts on “Bravo, Bibot

  1. Everybody’s talking about Bibot. I didn’t realize everyone was talking about some person i had grown accustom seeing on TV. A little pleasantly surprise that she was your relation.

    I guess, presidential grandsons are not immune from some “diva” aunt. Oh, your right, artists of her level are prone to such inexplicable emotional outburst, for as they say, true artists are a little way out of the zone. It is just alright my friend, she’s gonna do well in the next lifetime. Even heaven needs a person like her.

    When she brought “Les Miserable” to Manila, completely by local production, how i had wished i was in Manila at that time. I saw some previews of the play on TV Magazine shows, and i could tell that it would have been just as good as in Broadway.

    If she doesn’t has the distinction of being a National Artist by this time, i am sure she will be one in the near future.

    Yours truly,

    Josef the Visionary

  2. wow, a great tribute. parang nakilala ko tuloy si bibot amador more intimately through what you said. salamat for sharing this with us.

    the whispered “It’s all right, cousin” is really touching and comforting.

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