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  1. One street-renaming that did have some point, and even wit, was when, at the height of the Vietnam War, the Communist government of Bengal renamed the street the US consulate in Calcutta was located on “Ho Chi Minh Sarani”. The consulate is there to this day.

  2. Thanks for reminding once again of a futile, bad behavior of changing streets’ names and erasing landscape memories in the Philippines. This does not serve many but only very few people just full of themselves. A similar attitude goes with our many parish priests taking the liberty of altering “landscape memories” in our age-old, beautiful churches. Why not the Bishops or the CBCP take full control of preservation or restoration of these “landscape memories?”

  3. Sometimes renaming streets is not just a “bad habit”; it can be a ridiculous, if not outright stupid habit. Take the case of Bacolod City. For many years it was fairly easy to look for addresses from 1st Street to 27th Street. Until dimwits in the city council decided to rename some, if not all of these numbered streets after other major Philippine cities. Well, I guess the city mayor shared the council’s uhhhhh wisdom; he signed it into law. Today, you have streets named Cagayan de oro City, or Marikina City. Shucks! Can you imagine listing your address as No. 12 Cagayan de Oro City St., Bacolod City? Or Apt. 13-C Marikina City St., Bacolod City?

    If I may boldly ask, was Sec. Alunan thinking about Bacolod City when he issued the moratorium order on the renaming of streets?

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