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  1. I remember then as a child about the politics during Pres. Quirino’s time. The man you are discussing here is very different to the man who was defeated by {Pres. Magsaysay. People said then that Quirino was the root cause of terrorism and corruption in the government. That he wasted peoples money because his bathroom including his urinal is glazed with gold. Was that just propaganda from the Nationalista Party then to ruin the mans reputation. Probably thats the reason why Pres. Quirino is somewhat forgotten.
    And we still wonder why the Philippines will not advanced because we still practice dirty politics.

    Even in Cebu, they equate him to terorrism that started in 1949.

    Nonilo B. Abella
    N.Carolina, USA

  2. the popular wisdom that quirino had a
    P1000 arinola was a canard, but accepted by
    the masses. due to pro magsaysay propaganda
    ” birds they voted in davao at mga aswang
    pa raw” was another one of those attributed
    to lansdale and the propaganda machine, which
    unfortunately included sen raul manglapus.
    a propagated legend.
    gunther’s book series should not be taken
    seriously. his statements in MLQ i……….
    is there for us to see.
    even if s p lopez is a fellow ilocano,
    or from “ilokoslovakia” his position rectifies
    Elpedio Quirino’s standing. My father, prof.
    gabriel f fabella, a member of the National
    Asembly 35-38 knew Quirino, Quezon and a host
    of other greats………he represented the
    Lone District of Romblon.
    thank you for listening.

    professor maximo p. fabella, orange park, florida

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