A conservative country

A conservative country – INQ7.net is my column for today.

My reading was pretty correct, after all, I think. Andrew Sullivan explains how the vote went: www.AndrewSullivan.com – Daily Dish He argues America is undergoing a rightist religio-political transformation. The Washington Monthly says it happened much earlier than this year.

Reader Daniel Bell points out, “Message: I agree with the premise of your article, that the US is basically a conservative country.

One factual error.  The ballots in Ohio are not provisional (though your definition of provisional was correct.)

Those ballots are absentee, mail-in or early voting,  basically voting done by mail, by registered voters, who are allowed to mail in their ballot on or before election day.

Provisional ballots are a totally different thing.”

Thanks for the correction. Another reader, voc from Texas, says, “what is conservative about an administration that has spent more and is in debt more than any other in the history of the united states???  I just don’t get it – The Republicans call the Democrats liberal spenders and yet they have outspent them 4 to one!  Must be just a theroy.” By conservative I mean the Bush view on Christian morality and world politics.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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