Too close to call

CNN proclaims Ohio too close to call; announces too, that
in Iowa, full count delayed until Wednesday due to fatigue, broken machines, delayed absentee ballots. This on top of news circulating both in the blogosphere (Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.) that Kerry lawyers are preparing to fly out to Ohio.

CNN adds that the private jet of the owner of the Boston Red Sox has been prepared for the use of the lawyers. News, too, of Kerry lawyers preparing to head out to Iowa.

What’s frustrating is that I just sent in my column to meet deadline for tommorow’s issue of the Inquirer, and I ended with the apparent consensus by online and mainstream American pundits that Kerry lost. This is the big gulf that stretches between the online world and mainstream, particularly print, media. My column is now way behind what I am typing right now into this blog.

The Ohio case is well explained in American blogs but simply put, the official count has a 100,000 vote difference between the candidates; the Democrats maintain there’s an additional 250,000 provisional ballots to be counted that they expect to win heavily; CNN at one point said it might be 350,000 votes or so. This is the bone of contention as the provisional ballots could alter the results either way.

Theres’s an electoral map praised by Andrew Sullivan and Targan Goddard: C-SPAN: 2004 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS

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