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Mystery Pollster is an extremely interesting site. I hope it lasts.

The latest entry concerns a survey held by an Ohio newspaper which the blogger says may come out as an unheralded, but extremely reliable guide to what happens in the elections. The newspaper in question uses mail-in questionnaires, a method for surveys discredited during the Roosevelt-Landon contest (1937?) The blogger argues this method may may ok after all.

Polling organizations and those observing them have been nervous about the election being so up in the air. One reason is that telephone polling may no longer provide an accurate snapshot: for example, more and more young people don’t have landlines, but rely on their cell phones. There’s the question, too, of minorities, etc. Some pollsters viruously say they also use old-fashioned door-to-door polling.

Check out the site linked above.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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