An American justice of the supreme court famously remarked, when asked to define obscenity, “I know it when I see it.”

There’s been the blogahaha on what is the definition of a blog, based on what blogpundits, online journalists, etc. say.

I suspect blogging has some essential elements to it:

1. it’s confessional, or to be more precise, personal, even if used as a soapbox or for posting pieces published elsewhere by the person whose blog it is;
2. it’s informal;
3. it’s free of charge, although advertising may be hosted to generate income for the blogger (income, however, not derived from direct solicitation and not as the reason for being of the blog).

A blog format might be used for an academic website (posting articles handily), a community website, etc. but I suppose it’s intent that counts. How do you judge intent? From content, obviously, or rather, the content that’s provided.

I’d suggest for a media practitioner, the difference between a blog and a website lies in formality and content. If you use the blog style but only post the articles that you wrote that came out elsewhere, and add nothing else, it’s a website and not a blog. Generally a media person will choose to have a blog in order to:

1. obviously, reach a wider circle of readers;
2. post stuff that otherwise wouldn’t find print elsewhere;
3. post comments and views unsuitable for placement elsewhere;
4. serve as a handy means for 2 and 3 by easily linking to readings of interest.

But it is the “online diary” format of a blog, that, I think, really defines a blog in the eyes of the public. Or perhaps I’m biased since my days reading Livejournals. A blog ranges from the online equivalent of scribbling “kilroy was here” on a wall, to posting the equivalent of the guerrilla tracts protesters and revolutionaries would have slapped on public walls in the past. It is this attitude that makes many readers resist the idea that aside from a personal entity, anyone or anything (including a corporation, whether in media or not) organized and formal, with its own heirarchy and rules it enforces on those associated with the company, can call what it has online a blog.

Still, it’s all rather fudgeable.

Thanks to an interesting blog, FriskoDude, there’s this:

If Kapuscinski had a weblog – Andie Miller

Manuel L. Quezon III.

28 thoughts on “Blog-blabla

  1. I agree. It’s the informality and the “online personal site” format that makes ablog a blog. But I guess blogging has evolved in most recent times that blogging could be just mean everything what it wants to mean.

    It’s even now a good source for income and a business endeavor.

  2. The Press Freedom Law should be amended to protect bloggers!

    “The Sotto Law, also known as the Press Freedom Law, is aimed precisely to protect press freedom and keep irate politicians from intimidating journalists and their sources if they do not like what they read,” the NUJP pointed out.

  3. should there also be a law to protect what bloggers post in their blogs? but then again, it might be hard to control plagiarism in a medium like the net.

  4. LPN’s and CNA’s do not cancel out RN for they are three distinct professions in the medical field and quite frankly they support each other’s duties and come as an evolution of health management in the U.S. that is getting sophisticated.

    i could not educate somebody whose brain was frozen for a long time that it could never absorb any new information.

    But the new Filams are still asking where the hell PI is.

  5. A blog provides the freedom to write about anything anytime in the blogger’s own way/style. That makes it different from any other writing genre.


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  7. A blogger is who you are.

    How you made yourself in the world of the world wide web.
    You can have a heart of stone, sell stuff.
    A blog can be your life or my life.
    A place to create things that cannot be created in real life.

    It can be you or a life that you created.
    A blogger can be deceiving and forgiving.
    You can be everything but with limited quantity with no investment.

    popularized or just terrorized.

  8. hi sir,

    i am also very much into blogging. for me, it is the highest form of my freedom of expression. it is liberating knowing that i could freely criticize public acts and the excesses of our public officials without qualms.

    blogging is therapeutic for me as well. at my lowest, i just grab my handy Asus and start giving life into my thoughts, and every composition becomes a masterpiece that gives so much sense of fulfillment.

    and most importantly, blogging has also become a creative and inexpensive way to spark discussion and discourse on issues that matter to us as members of society. one’s blog could create waves of convergence and divergence of thoughts and standpoints.

    indeed, the adage, the “pen is mightier than the sword” finds its highest relevance in a context where freedom is defined and respected.


    I’m a Filipino blogger for righteous causes. I hope you can help me on this issue!

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    And the racist statement that was made in response to that post was this one:
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    I wasn’t the only person that lost. America lost because Obama won.

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    Message 11 of 22 in Discussion

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  10. Blogging is a freedom of expression. But then again, akilez is right – you are what you blog. As for me, I blog from the heart and most likely, I also support sincere bloggers like I do. Just my 2 cents here. ^_^

  11. What separates a blog from a website? I agree that it is the content and the informality of its structure. Blogs are online diaries. How big a part of you that you want to get exposed to the public is the blogger’s decision.

    Somebody has brought up plagiarism in the internet. I wonder if the authorities are doing something on this matter, or are laws enough to persecute plagiarists. Well, that’s a different topic altogether.

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  13. I think,politicians find the blog a major hinder to their ambitions and greed of power.
    Kung gusto nilang mag react sa blog against them,why not create their own blog and answer the issue?
    Hindi yung,gagamitin na naman nila ang power nila to block the press freedom! We all have the right to voice out our reactions!

  14. Kelangan ko po ng help… Pwd nyo ba akong bigyan ng mga list of Filipinos whom we can contact coz my company is planning to try a business in the Phils.. Pls send it to my ID [email protected]..

    thnx po

  15. It’s a blog so long as your opinion is expressed.

    Rummel, lighten up. There are more horrible jews than this guy, henry, you complain about. Life is a bitch!

  16. It can also be an avenue to cry out against the injustices that ravage our land, how the powerful are manipulating the ones who should be serving the people. Not hiding from them the truth!
    Aye, a blog is really powerful and in this time, a necessary tool so that everyone will have a chance to express themselves.

  17. BLOG is the medium or facility to express one’s idle thoughts. It can also be a market of intellectual discourse among learned men..

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