Bad movies and bad moods

Too bad if you haven’t seen them, but two of the worst movies I’ve seen recently -and recently all I’ve been managing to see, it seems, are bad movies- are:

Open Water: Let’s go on vacation! Let’s ignore some basic rules of diving safety! Splash, argue, splash, argue, puke, nap, splash, argue, thud, bump, spash, chomp, splash: PLOOP! (literally, that’s the sound effect)… The End.

As one person in the cinema put it: “What? That’s it? She’s gone?”

House of Flying Daggers: the movie is actually rather good until the last half hour. Then: “I love her!” “No, I love her!” “No, I love her more and I will kill you because I love her!” “No, kill me, because I love him!” “No, kill me because I love her even if she loves you!” “Oh no, I killed her because I lover her and she loves you!” “Oh no, I will kill you because she loves me and I love her but she doesn’t love you, so you killed her!” “Oh no, she’s not yet dead! I will kill you!” “Oh no, we can’t seem to kill each other!” “Oh no, she’s not yet dead, I’ll kill you!” “oh no, you killed her again!” “I’ll kill you for killing her again!” “I think I killed her again!” “Oh no I killed her yet again!” The end. She finally dies. After coming back to life at least five times.

I have been intermittently sick since the opening of the museum. A friend says there’s a wierd bug going around that makes you feel week, keep getting migraines, and generally feel under the weather. There was a flu bug going around, and many people now have the sniffles. Whatever it is, a lot of people seem run down lately.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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